Facebook, email and phone hacked

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Any info greatly appreciated. I know I am going to have to pay an IT person for any specific help but someone on here may be able to assist. So 2 weeks ago my phone email and FB was hacked. I first noticed when i couldn't log into my email account, I sent a forgotten password link to a different email account and something flicked up on my screen as browser was switching pages saying the IT department at a certain school had saved a tag or link (can't remember) into my email account. Thought it was weird so stopped using internet. Few hrs later I was at a party, I took a photo and it took a second to save cause it was syncing with a cloud. Ive never used cloud storage and was unable to log into my email account that was linked to the phone. I noticed documents from my ex's phone appeared on mine. I sent a txt to someone went back to 'my files' and it was gone back to normal . Next day strange stuff was happening. I think someone was accessing my camera and mic throughout the day. I  did a factory reset on my phone and went to bank and made sure money was secure which it was. I haven't had anything strange happen for 2 weeks but I'm going to get new phone and contract soon. Also in week leading up to the hack my phones battery would die very quickly. Lasts all day and most night usually but was going flat by lunchtime. I don't care bout FB. I can't deactivate it because the password has been changed but just deleted my contacts. Would a IT person be able to track this? My ex was worried about me going for child custody so initially i thought maybe she hired private investigator to dig around for any dirt but I'm sure that's not the case now and wouldn't explain why files from her phone appeared on mine. She's not very smart and wouldn't realize things like battery dieing quick etc so I think she probably has been hacked without knowing. Any advice would be great, I haven't been to a computer shop yet but I might do I'm still undecided.
I think my desktop computer may of been hacked also. I switched it on and checked wireless networks straightaway and there was 3 that I didn't recognize and they were set to connect automatically so I unplugged computer from wall and will leave it DC until I decide what to do

Software/Hardware used:
android, cloud, gmail

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  • ToddN2000
    If you are suspicious, download a good anti-virus program like MWAV by e-Scan, it's free. Other good ones are Spybot search and destroy and AVG. Let them do any updates they need to do, then turn off you router. Then boot your computer in safe mode and run them. If you have access to a clean computer, like a friends, change all your passwords. You may have a key logger on you current device(s). This would be a good place to start. Report back with any issues you may still have and we will help further if we can.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    First change all passwords / patterns / pin and then leave for few days without using them. (If possible). download a good scanner like mwav and save on desktop. Reboot in safe mode and disconnect all internet connections. Run mwav with full scan/clean on all drives.
    For iPhone / Android don't install any anti virus, while they have built-in good protection mechanism to prevent any kind of hacking until you share your pass/pin/pattern to others. Take all necessary backups before doing. Hope it helps you. If possible, detach memory card from android.
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