Extract Data from SAP using VBScript

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I am trying to extract data out of SAP using VBScript. I remember this worked earlier, but ever since we upgraded to VB7, I am getting an error. Can you please look into this?



Dim R3, MyFunc, App, objFileSystemObject, filOutput, objmessage As Object

Dim nTotalRecords As Long

' Define the objects to hold IMPORT parameters



Dim NO_DATA As Object

Dim ROWSKIPS As Object

Dim ROWCOUNT As Object


' Define the objects to hold the EXPORT parameters



' Define the objects to hold the TABLES parameters

' Where clause

Dim OPTIONS As Object

' Fill with fields to return. After function call will hold

' detailed information about the columns of data (start position

' of each field, length, etc.

Dim FIELDS As Object

' Holds the data returned by the function

Dim tDATA As Object


' Use to write out results

Dim ROW As Object


Dim Result As Boolean

Dim iRow, iColumn, iStart, iStartRow, iField, iLength As Integer

Dim var_return As String

Public Function RFC_READ_TABLE_MARA()   '********************************************** 'Create Server object and Setup the connection '********************************************** Set objFileSystemObject = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"  attachpath1 = "C:ExtractsMARA.rtf"   Set R3 = CreateObject("SAP.Functions")   R3.Connection.system = "xxx" R3.Connection.SystemNumber = "xxx" R3.Connection.client = "xxx" R3.Connection.User = "xxx" R3.Connection.Password = "XXX" R3.Connection.language = "EN" R3.Connection.applicationserver = "XXX"   If R3.Connection.logon(0, True) <> True Then MsgBox "No connection to R3!" var_return = " has Failed" sendmessage (var_return)   Exit Function End If   '***************************************************** 'Call RFC function RFC_READ_TABLE '*****************************************************     Set MyFunc = R3.Add("RFC_READ_TABLE")     ERROR RECEIVED IS: Run-time error '-2147352568' Bad variant type Thank you

Software/Hardware used:
sap, vbscript

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All defined variables should not have the “As Object” (for VBScript you do not need to either declare them or identify the data type).

You can leave the ‘Dim [variable]’, but you must delete the data type.

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