Export data from a view to a Word document in tabular form

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We use Lotus notes.
We have a requirement of exporting the data from a view to a word doc in Tabular form.
I'm new to Lotus notes. Can anyone help me out?

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There is a feature called Copy Selected as Table. The icon looks like a small table. Hover over the smart icons to find the one you want.

<li>Select items in the view that you want to include in your table by dragging down the left “gutter” or margin. Checkmarks will appear next to the lines selected.</li><li>Click the Copy Selected as Table icon, or choose Edit > Copy Selected as Table.(the table of information is saved to your clipboard.)</li><li>Switch to the Word document.</li><li>Paste (Ctrl + V).</li></ul>

The table of information will appear in the Word document. Depending on your version of Notes and MS Office, this will look good, or will require some formatting. If columns are not wide enough, check to see if Word will automatically repair some formatting by adding a return to any cell. Then backspace twice to take the return back out again.

Play with the results. For best results, you may need to create a view specifically formatted to work best with the transfer to Word.

Good luck.

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  • Bean
    Is there an easy way to get the view into a tabular format?
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  • TedNYC
    I often find it more helpful to copy the contents of a view to a spreadsheet. The following link contains information about how to do that. Although the code is "old" (updated 2005), it still works with one tweak indicated below. Export any Notes view to Excel http://www.brefere.com/fbapps/bcom.nsf/0/dbe98a144ea6f97f872576bd006f5628!OpenDocument&Click= Some things that I did: 1. Removed old code: "Option Explicit". No longer works. 2. I copied this code and pasted into a new agent. This code is for a button, but I wanted an Agent that I could run from a menu. So I copied the code from inside of the "Sub Click(Source As Button)... End Sub " and and pasted it into the Sub Initialize section. I set the agent to run on All docs; and in a Categorized view, you do have to expand to select one doc.
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