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Hey there,

Due to an aquisition we have some complexities getting all versions of Exchange to communicate fully.

We constructed a lab running the following:

Windows 08 Server and Exchange 07 and the other is Exchnge 03 and Windows server 03. (this is the actual setup we need to get communicating)

we were sucessful in getting Global Address (using GalSync) list to sync between each Exchange server, but we have run into a wall with Free/busy data. We have attempted to use Intra-Organization replication tool, and it appears to work when running from the 03 side (states "Suceeded"). But no info is passed to the 07 Exchange box. The other issue is that the IOR tool does not run on 08 server.

Can anyone help with passing free/busy info between Server 08/Exchange 07 and Server 03/Exchange 03?

many thanks in advance,


Software/Hardware used:
Exchange 07 Server 08 and Exchange 03 and Server 03

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What you need to understand is that free/busy in Exchange 2003 is handled by the Schedule+Freebusy folder which is a system folder in the public folder tree. You need to create public folders for the Exchange 2007 server and then replicate the schedule+ freebusy folder from the exchange 2003 public folders to the exchange 2007 public folders. Exchange 2003 cannot read the free/busy info from the CAS. It has to get it from the public folders.

Here is the latest on this issue:

We could not get communication between the configurations I outlined. What I did next was try a program from Quest called Collaboration Services for Exchange. This works on a seperate server that acts as a middle man bwtween the 2 different versions. After 1 day of tweaking we have communication between the 2 seperate versions of Exchange. Unbelievable! A couple months of trying to make it work with IOR or MIIS or whatever solution MS provided and low and behold an app under $3000 provided the solution.

I would recommend Quest software for this – under $3000 for 200 users – and it comes with a very straightforward GUI.

Thnxs to anyone who assisted!


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  • Elguappo
    Thnxs for the reply. Public folders created in 07...sorry should have added that to my question.
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  • Elguappo These are the steps we followed and the only difference from the setup on this link and ours is Widnows Server 08. All underlying folders have been created and to be honest, based on the link above we have done everything verbatum.
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  • Technochic
    Wow, well I am glad you got it working, and thanks for posting your solution! It is surprising you had to go to that length, of course it SHOULD have worked without the third party solution. It worked fine for us once we mounted public folders on one of our exchange 2007 servers and replicated the schedule+ freebusy folder over. You also have to go into each storage group and make sure they all point to the same public folder default. Exchange 2003 set that up for you by default on each mail server, Exchange 2007 does not, but it does allow you to set all storage groups to the same public folder store even if it is on a different server.
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  • Macanannym
    What ports do you need to use MIIS and InterOrg. I have to seperate networks/domains seperatated by multiple firewalls. I know that Quest only requires SMTP and is where we are going with the solution. I only needed it for like 15 people but the min was 200 users, now we can 'sell' it to other orgs. But the ports are the most important question i had. Any clues?
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