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Hi there. I have a group which have two domains they use. Company1 and Company2. From within Outlook 2002 or XP, they would like to be able to send and receive emails from either account at random within the one client. My only solution so far is to create a secondary email account for each user and add each secondary account to each user's mailbox as 2nd mailbox. Obviously making company1 the default mail account for the first one and company2 default for the second one. Is this the easiest way? Will it work? Thanks Bel

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Depending how they like to work you can add two SMTP addresses to every mailbox using a recipient policy. YOu set company as the default and add a pop3 account to the outlook profile with the company2 address as the e-mailaddress and the replyto address. When sending the user can pick the account they want to use. This way you are sure every mail is delivered in 1 location.

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  • Jradmin
    Depending on how they would like to send the emails - I am assuming they want to send the emails so that they appear to be coming from each individual company. Sort of keeping the companies seperate in the eyes of the recipient. I have done this before as you described with two seperate accounts and then setting up profiles in Outlook that the user can switch from or a combination of Outlook pulling SMTP for one address and POP3 for the other so that they are both pulled at the same time. An alternative is to have Outlook pull one email account and Outlook Express to do the other. Remember to give the user permissions to the secondary email account :)
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  • Belfusion
    Both good, but they would like to have both email addresses and mailboxes in one client. So if I set the default as their existing company1 mailbox. Then create a second email with company2 and make it an additional mailbox they open in Outlook. Give them full rights to it and make it auto open everytime. Would this work? When they send mail from the secondary mailbox will it send as company2? Thanks Bel
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  • Maclanachu
    While u can add multiple SMTP address' to one account, only one can be the Primary email address so when they replied to a mail addressed to a company2 it will appear to them as if replied from company1. So setting up to diff mail accounts would be best IMHO. The next thing to do to make it appear as if it being replied from a company2 address is to give them the SEND AS permission. Giving someone a Send On Behalf of permission will not do this. To do this in AD Users go to the menu select view then advanced featues. Next go to the properties of a company2 account. Note there are some more tabs to select from. Select the Security tab and add ur company1 account and tick the SEND AS allow box. Long winded I know so I hope u r not doing this for 100's of users. Maybe some smarty-pants can come up with a script? Brian
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  • Genderhayes
    Use Outlook as a POP3 account with a set of filters to direct incoming traffic to folders
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