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I am a cherry Exchange admin and I find that our exchange server db seems to be maxing out periodically and then it dismounts itself. I have ran backups and that seems to free up some space temporarily but then it happens all over again. Can someone suggest some admin tasks, policies, and suggestions for how I can deal with this? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. Randy

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Are you using the Standard version of Exchange? This has a 16 GB limit on the size of the store. Or are you using the Enterprise Edition, which does not have this limit, and you are running out of disk space?

The first would be resolved by setting some limits on the users as to the size of their mailbox and size of messages allowed to be sent and accepted. Not a popular move, but one that may be necessary.

You would probably want to institute a policy to delete messages from the deleted items folder after a period os so many days. You’d be surprised how many people ignore the deleted items folder, and jsut let it grow. There may be other folders you may wish to set a retention policy on as well. If you have a spam filter that places all purported spam in a folder, you might want to dlete messages left in there after so many days as well.

If you are runnig out of disk space, well, this is an entirely different problem that can be resolved by moving the store to another, larger, disk.

Another thought that just occurred to me is your Exchange backup. You do run one, don’t you? If you are running out of space due to logs, then the backup is not doing its job. The backup should be set to delete the logs after the backup has been done. The backup would commit the logs to the store and the logs are then no longer needed.

I’m sure there are a few other scenarios, but the other half is on my case to get ready so we can take her father down to see the cherry blossoms.


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  • NavigateStorage
    As another reply mentioned if you are using MS Exchange Standard Edition with its 16GB store size limitation you might just be running out of space. You could upgrade to Enterprise Edition with its associated costs OR for about the same money you could install an e mail archiving solution which in addition to providing an archived history of your mail, a unique search capability which enables searching over 300 attachment types, it replaces the archived e mail with a 1kb stub file (with pointers to the actual archived e mail). Exchage stores typically are reduced in size significantly. Then backup and defrag etc. all become easier and the need to impose those nasty quotas goes away. By the way, so do PSTs if you want them too.
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  • Petroleumman
    Hello, Another suggestion regardless of the version of Exchange your running, is to run an off-line defrag against your information stores. By doing so you have potential of reclaiming disk space which may get you out of trouble assuming that disk space, or the lack of, is truley your problem. An off-line defrag coupled with some user limits may do the trick! PS... If disk space is the issue, I'd think very seriously about adding another disk! The suggestion above should be viewed as a temporary fix. Good Luck!
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