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Our company has two locations: New York and Florida. All email is handled by Exchange Servers at each location. In Florida our email addresses are and in New York the email addresses are . Our web site is hosted on our own server at the Florida location, . There is no web site. My predecessor replaced the New York Server with a server running Server 2003 SBS. I have a matching server ready to install in Florida. There is one nagging email problem. I can send and receive email from Florida to anywhere except our location in New York. Mail between the two sites does not get delivered in either direction when the new server is online in Florida. I do not receive any message about the mail being undeliverable or other error messages. When I switch back to the old server, the test mail sent from New York gets delivered to Florida. Our ISP is unable to determine where the mail was being held. The test mail sent by the new Florida server never gets delivered. As I said all email to other external email addresses gets sent and received OK from both locations. The IP address of the new server is the same as the old server so the forward through the router does not need to be changed. I make sure that both computers are never connected to the network at the same time since they use the same internal IP address. As I said email to everywhere except our other location works. The name of the new server is different than the original. We do have a dedicated T1 line between the sites. Each site has it?s own Domain and the IP address ranges differ in the third octet: as in and Is email handled differently because of the T1?

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You could setup an smtp connector in the exchange manager and route specifically the mail between the two sites.

This link (about 2/3 down the page) talks about this as an option.

Let me know if you get confused… I just did this for a few domains that i couldn’t send mail to and it works.

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