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On a weekend, i got a call that the email server was down. so i connected remotely to the server and realized there was no space on the server. So i compressed the MDBDATA. Okay, i know it was very foolish but then it was a long weekend and i had to come up with a solution for guys who were for some reasons working on a weekend and required emails So by monday, hell broke loose as below 1. Mailbox wont mount 2. Microsoft support sites mentioned to decompress the files to resolve the situation 3. i tried to decompress, but it failed caus there was no disk space left. 4. The mdbdata was on a mirrored disk (i know database should not be on mirror but thats a different story how i got there) so i had a compressed EDB file with no space left to decompress it and we were loosing buisness. so by late monday morning the below was my plan of action 1. break the mirror 2. expand the volume using ACU 3. extend the volume 4. decompress the EDB file 5. try to mount the database (i have no time to run ESUTIL) Will this work ? i reached office at 6:00 AM tuesday and i am still at "step 2 !!! ". the expansion is only 68% complete. what if in the end i find space to decompress the EDB and still the database does not mount. If it does not mount, so i have no choice to RUN ESUTIL. will that utility be a sucess. The EDB looks in a very bad shape. T

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The best course of action is to restore the database files from the latest good backup which would probably be the Friday before the crash. Then instead of expanding the partition, you can raid 0 the drives for a quick fix. All you need to restore are the edb and stm files of the exchange database. This solution is assuming you are storing the database files on a different drive than your operating system; otherwise, you can set your mirror drive to a stand alone drive and just restore the edb and stm files to that. Without the OS, you should have enough room to get by until you get more hard drive space for the server.

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