Exchange 2007 Internal Message Delay in Delivery

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Exchange performance
Microsoft Exchange 2007
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Running Exchange 2007 on a Windows Server 03 box. 1000 user mailboxes. Approximately 10 of those report intermittent delay delivery of email messages from other internal users. Sometimes the delay is up to 48 hours

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Did they receive any mail in that period? If not, is he using Outlook in cached mode, and for some reason have been offline? Not all users notice that they are in offline mode, and does not understand why mail is not sent or received

Have you got message tracking enabled? If not then you are going to be a little limited on what you can do.
Are these internal or external messages? If external messages check the SMTP headers to see when the messages were delivered to the server.

You need to be very clear on what Message tracking shows as it makes a difference as to where the problem is/was.

If you think there are messages in message tracking that are not seen in Outlook, then check the account using OWA to see whether they can be seen there.

The most common reason for email disappearing and then reappearing is a view was incorrectly set.
Then I have also seen a user setup a rule to delete all email, then when the boss wants to know what happened to the email, the user recovers it from the deleted items folder and then blames the server.

Message tracking is your best tool here, because if it shows the message being delivered, then it is in the mailbox and everything that happens from that point on is a client side issue.

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  • RonMAss
    I have a similar problem is a very similar set-up. Exchange Server 200/8 and Outlook 2007. An email came in and can be seen using OWA but does not get displayed on Outlook 2007 albeit "connected". My administrator tried clicking on send and receive, he saw that at 64% sending and receiving Outlook stalled to almost a halt. He re-started Outlook and only then did the messages came in. A few days back, this the user was trying to send large attachments internally and externally - successful sending. Furthermore, this delayed email is external but since delivery to the server is a non-issue I strongly think it is in the machine where Outlook is installed. Only this user had this problem as the other recipient of the email received the message using outlook. 2 questions: 1. How to properly get the audit trail from our server and from from outlook workstation regarding the delay in the delivery of the email from exchange to outlook (this three days' email not just one message) 2. What other external factors could cause the delay i.e. a sniffing malware on the port that Outlook uses; a software that that delays Outlook; bulk email sent; internal outlook housekeeping; AV
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  • Technochic
    Hi Ron, Please open a new question for your problem. You are just adding to the discussion on this one. Thanks.
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