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We are upgrading to exchange 2003 from 5.5. We are in the process of purchasing hardware for exchange 2003. We are considering Quad processor and Dual Processor HP servers. We currently have approx. 700 user across 3 severs. Total info store is 170 gigs. I was told that exchange 2003 is less CPU intensive and more memory intensive. We are going to max out mem 4 gig on the new severs. We are battling over the number of processors. Money is not an issue. What do you think three Quad or three Dual processor servers and why? What benefit will quads give us?

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First off, is there a need to purchase 3 servers? If not then I would invest in only two. But to answer your question, from my past experience a dual processor was more than enough for our users. We had this environment:

1 – Back-end Exchange Standard Server for Site One
1 – Back-end Exchange Standard Server for Site Two
1 – Front-end Exchange Standard Server for Gateway

Site One – Dual Processor Xeon 2.8 4GB 6×72
Site Two – Dual Processor Xeon 2.8 4GB 6×36
Gateway – Single Processor Xeon 2.8 2GB 3×36

This was for 1000 users across 13 sites.

Hope this helps

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  • Ramheka
    Dual cpu with max memory will be enough to run Exchange 2K3.then again if money is not an issue go and buy the best this will future proof your servers. I suggest to make one as front end and 2 as backends the front end will elevate the need for your back ends servers from doing lookups. also looking at the size of your info store an entreprise edition is a must
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  • Petroleumman
    Hello, I'm assuming your moving to Exchange 2003 Enterprise edition? Enterprise Edition offers enhanced performance capabilities with multi-processor hardware platforms by use of 8 way SMP (symetrical Multi-processing) allowing you to install up to 8 processors in one box. Based on this, the three-quad idea is probably a waste of resources. If you desire to load up your box the three dual choice would be best. One thing you may want to look into before commiting to hardware is the fact that Exchange 2003 Enterprise is designed to take full advantage of Hyper-Threading processors. This basically allows a single processor to to execute threads in parallel for with any multi-threaded applications (which Exchange Enterprise is designed).This technology will allow you to use 2 or 3 processors to give you the same performance as 8 plus save you loads of money. I know you mentioned money was not an issue, but saving a bit these days never hurts!. You also mentioned three servers? If you plan is to cluster then the Hyper-Threading technology will work well with this scenario too. Good Luck
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