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I have setup a 2-node Win2k3 cluster with a PowerVault 13 Disk Storage. WE are using this for: 1) Exchange and 2)File/Print services I have a 2 140GB disk on a RAID 1 for with partitions q: for Quorum and E: I have the rest of the 11 on a RAID 5 139 TB 1 partion d: ** This will be for 250 USERS Active/Passive Cluster My Question: What is your best practice in installing exchange 2003 ? Would I have to create more partitions on RAID 5 logical drive? Can I leave it just one big one? Where would we put the infomation store/Transact logs?

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Exchange should be built the same way you would build a SQL Server.

Separate Drives/Spindles:

1. Binary/Page files

2. Transcaction Logs

3. Databases

I would redo the drives to RAID 1 for the first 2 & RAID 5 for the third.

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  • Aquaticous
    Go here---> this will help you make a good decision on what will work best for your situation.
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  • Storagebum
    I would agree with the drive separtion for logs and databases and binaries. It's unclear if your doing an Active/Passive exchange and file print or doing A/P exchange plus a stand alone file print. If you want to be creative do both on the same cluster. Make the Exchage server A/P and define node 1 as it's primary location and make the File print primary on node 2. This is can be considered active/active clustering depending on how you look at it, but both server are doing work but not the same work.
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  • Ocarmona
    Ok, guys this is what I have so far : Spindles LUNS RAID Available Space 0 Quorum RAID 1 139 1 2 EDB RAID 5 279.39 3 4 5 NODE 2 x N/A 6 NODE 1 x N/A 7 LOGS RAID 1 139 8 9 FILES SVS RAID 5 10 11 558.78 12 13 14 15 Processor x n/a Hopefully you understand that ... my boss was pushing to make the EDB storage group a RAID 1 and to put the Transaction logs in the RAID 5 for file services. What do you guys think about what he wants?? I'm not in agreement. I think is easier to expand space than Exchange...
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