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My company needs to be able to accept electronic notices from the Federal Bankruptcy court. They have specific requirements regarding delivery confirmation and I am not sure what direction to go in. Here are the requirements: Email Notice Delivery Confirmation Requirement Your email system must be able to provide a confirmation that the notices were successfully delivered to your mailbox in order to comply with Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9036. This confirmation can be provided through one of the following ways: A. Confirmation via Delivery Service Notification (DSN) The first thing you should do is determine whether your email account is Delivery Status Notification (DSN) compliant. If you use an email provider that is DSN compliant it will automatically return an electronic email confirmation to the BNC that the email sent by the BNC was delivered to your mailbox. Initial results from email testing by the BNC indicate that a number of the larger consumer-oriented email providers are not DSN-compliant (e.g., AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Mindspring). "How do I know if my email account is DSN compliant?" We provide testing service for DSN compliance. B. Confirmation via Automatic Mail Response If you have determined that your email provider is not DSN-compliant after running the automatic check in (a) above, you should then check to see if your provider is capable of providing an automatic, predefined email response upon receipt of an incoming message. Generally, organizations should have this capability where they control their own email network (i.e., you do not dial up to an Internet Service Provider to retrieve your email). This can generally be achieved by setting up a rules-based response in your email system, sometimes referred to as an "autoresponder" or "Mailbot." If your email fails our dsn test, you will be provided guidelines for how you might set up automatic email response. We apparently aren?t compliant since we failed their testing service. We were told that if our system is not "DSN compliant" then we need to have something reply back to each email with the subject line of the original email and the text "email received" in the body. Using a client-side rule in outlook is not really a desirable option. Any suggestions?? Thanks for your help.

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Hi !!

No need to create any client side rules.

NDR is by default enabled on all MS Exchange servers.

If I try to explain you without ant referencing images, it will be difficult for you to understand.

I suggest you download the “Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide” from the Microsoft website:

Open the File. Its a 298 page word file. Go to Page No.35/298. Refer to Figure 2.6 Advanced tab.

That will Explain you how to set up non-delivery receipts.

Pls do revert back if you need further help.


Nilesh Roy.

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  • Theizer
    Thanks for the reply. I think I may have been a little unclear on what I need to do. What the courts are asking us to do is give them an automatic email reply for each email they send to us. The reply must reference the subject line of their email and the text body must say "email recieved".
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  • Csmmis
    theizer: I think Nilesh was telling you that if you use Exchange Server, you can set it to automatically be compliant with the court's requirement by making sure the "Allow Delivery Reports" and "Allow Non-delivery Reports" features are turned on. The download he recommended tells you where to find the setting. My company also receives notices from Federal Bankruptcy Court. We have these features turned on in our Exchange Server and have had no issues (although I don't know if the requirements vary from state to state). If you don't have Exchange Server, then it's a different issue. Do you? Hope this helps (and Nilesh, my apologies if I have misinterpreted your post).
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