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I inherited the bulk of these problems due to poor forethought by a previous consultant. He moves on server crashes I get called in with no real history or information, workarounds to get business critical apps going while waiting on parts for other server and now stuck in the quagmire I'm in. Since on installs I typically follow best practices this mess is a first to me and I'm really having issues on where to get started. Old server (call serverA) is windows 2000, running Exchange 2000 7+ years old on the hardware side. No backups (surprise surprise). It was set as this domains (call it xxx.xom) one and only domain controller. Power supply dies, requires funky backplane connection old part takes several days to get and customer can't be without the main app for that long. New server (server B) Windows Server 2003, was installed as app/file server only. Has SQL server and the customers app on it. To appease the customer and allow him to get business done, when server A took a nose dive I setup server B as a domain controller on the domain Fix a couple of SQL logins all is well. I figure when I get server A back up mess with some trusts all is well with the world. Part comes in I get server A up hardware wise and get a good look at my predecessors naming. Domain is So realizing that's not good I'm stuck wondering how best to proceed. Can the 2 domains named as such be made to coexist on the same subnet with the proper DNS entries when I get it all sorted out, or will I need to do some funky merge or domain renaming again. Realizing from my research it will likely be easier renaming server B's domain as 2000 Server and Exchange seem to not like being renamed. Any links to information kind of paralleling what this entails will be appreciated. The other side of the mess is that the Echange 2000 stores won't mount. No backups as I mentioned earlier, and ESEUTIL doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. Is it possible that my AD problems would prevent the stores from mounting in a Domain Controller fight? Seems unlikely to me but if AD is integrated tightly enough I suppose it might be possible?

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I don’t completely follow everything that you are asking, but I can help you with part of your question.

Active Directory problems can prevent Exchange 2000 databases from mounting. I tend to think that it is more likely though that the database fell into an inconsistent state when the power supply dies. I would make a backup of the drive so that you don’t do any additional damage, and then try using ISINTEG to bring the database into a consistent state, Once you have done that I am guessing that the database will mount.

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