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I need a line that is able to move. I want to grab it with my cursor and move it up and down on my bar graph. The bar graph is showing the zero to the max percentage of the percentage of income brackets for each year from 1913 to 2013. So there are 100 vertical columns (bars). The series of the data is the years "X" axis and the "Y" axis is the top income percentages. if a rest my horizontal line on the top of "lets say" year 2013 which the top income percentage is 39.6 and then that line will be cutting through 99 other line and various other percentage as the location. I need that line to grab each of those other 99 numbers and then calculate the percentage. Now I only have two series assigned to the data part of the graph. Like I mentioned earlier the top income percentage and the years. I do have all the other numbers for 0- the top percentage for each of the years available? So how would I go about creating a line. The is movable and if I rest it on the top of a give year and that years top income percentage that at the end of the line that cuts though all those lines it would give the average income percentage of all the years

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You can do this in a scatter chart:

  •     Build a scatter chart with the original series and a range for the x-Axis.
  •     Copy the first two cells of the x-Axis range to a new range
  •     Add two y-Values to the right of the new x-Axis cells, make the values equal to the minimum of the original series y-Values.
  •     Add two new series based on the two new cells – these series will have a single point.
  •     Format the two new series to have 100% y-Error bars.
  •     You may have to explicitly set the y-Scale minimum / maximum values

Now you should have two vertical lines (the error bars). Users can move these by clicking on the point which can be on the x-Axis or just above it. The x-Values change on the worksheet when users move one of these points, so it should be easy to do calculations with them.

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