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Microsoft Access has a repair and compact utility built into it. I'm looking for something similar for Microsoft Excel -- mostly to reduce the size of bloated spreadsheets. Any suggestions (other than manually copying the important data from the large spreadsheet to an empty and clean new spreadsheet).

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My company uses Xshrink and it works well. The program claims it shrinks excel files to 95% we find it does about 20-30% which works for me. The free trial can be found here and the full version will run you about $60.

If anyone has a FREE solution I would love to hear about it.

I think winzip,alzip etc are the best compression utility and it can be downloaded easily also free of charge to use…

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  • HCream
    If you're planning to upgrade to Office 2007, you would be pleased to learn that the new Excel file format is more compact. It uses Zip file compression so spreadsheet files are smaller(as much as 75% smaller than their original size). The new file format uses a new file extension .xlsx instead of the old .xls.
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  • Buddyfarr
    KarlG - what version of office is your company using? if not 2007 I wonder if Xshrink will work with it and if it would give even more compaction to the newer format?
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  • Msame
    I had a problem with a large sheet which had somehow hit 50MB in size (mainly due to lazy formatting/highlighting I think). I found this website with instructions for installing a short VBA macro. The macro reduced the sheet to 550K! It's tested against Excel 2002
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  • CompressExcel
    Hi Friends, This is Sekhar from Tata. I have an Excel File with 1000+ Sheets which was around 120 MB i want to compress it to lesser size. If any of you are aware of it please reply or send a mail to Sekharvvr@gmail.com Thank you.
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  • MelanieYarbrough
    Hi CompressExcel, Please start a new thread for your question to keep this thread from getting off track or confusing. We discourage including your email address to avoid spamming; you will be contacted when answers to your question are posted. Thank you!
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  • Wrigax
    I have a need and looked around for something to tidy up my excel. Didn't see the sort of thing I wanted so may I offer a bit of code that may help some people. [Excel 2003] -----
    Public Sub SqueezeXL()
    Dim oSheet As Worksheet
    Dim oName As Name
        On Error GoTo XERR
            For Each oSheet In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
            Next oSheet
            For Each oName In ActiveWorkbook.Names
                If InStr(1, oName, "REF!") > 0 Then
                    Debug.Print oName.Name
                End If
            Next oName
            Exit Sub
            Debug.Print Err.Description
    End Sub
    Note: You do need to select oSheet to use 'UsedRange' -> reduced my filesize by about 20-25%
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  • Storey
    HCream's solution is great. I had a flie in Excel 2003 that was 195MB. Once I saved as an Excel 2007 file, it shrunk to 7.81MB. Great solution!!!! Thanks!!!!
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  • Smileplease123
    Hi i have using excel 2003 version i have already create a formula for 1 to 10tabs in that tabs is a pass(1-10) that time and another result also shows a pass result how to create a this formula
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  • Mfzaman
    I am using an excel 2010 format its size is 210 mb I want to compress the size. Any help
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  • Arch4ngel
    Try 7zip if you are compressing a file.
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  • Arch4ngel
    I read from another thread that you rebuild your excel workbook using a script. Google search compact excel.
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