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I am using Excel 2007 working in a workbook that has forms for each census year. In the form I put the data for the family name that I am researching, these forms might be several hundred lines to several thousand lines each. Size of each census year may vary. There is quite a bit of formatting, with merged cells, rotated text, etc. Almost every time the sheet crashes the rotated text will go back to normal.. That is a pain, to have to reformat all that. Point being, the file itself can get rather large. Although I don't think that the size of the file has as much to do with the crashes as the formatting does. I have had it crash many times since starting this particular workbook. Usually somewhere it will say something about the amount of formatting done on the sheet. Surely having a large file with formatting should not cause the amount of crashes I get. Does anyone have any suggestions as how to stop this from happening.

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Without seeing the workbook, I couldn’t help you.

What do you mean by “forms”? A proper workbook should have the raw data separate from the presentation. Sounds like your data is mixed in with calculations, formatting, etc.
SbElectric (may be duplicate posting – I encountered outage during answer composition)

I am aware of “last cell” incident & the impact it has on large worksheet.
Here is a snipped:
Microsoft Excel saves only the part of each worksheet that is in use, meaning the section that contains data or formatting. Sometimes the last cell of a worksheet may be beyond the range of your actual used data. This issue may cause you to have a larger file size than neccesary, you may print extra pages, you may receive “Out of Memory” error messages, or you may experience other unusual behavior. Clearing the excess rows and columns to reset the last cell can help to resolve these issues.

You may browse: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/244435

Please let us know the final verdict – I will be curious.

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  • Technochic
    Do you have your office 2007 updated to the latest service pack and microsoft rollups?
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  • Mwellis
    Yes Microsoft Office 2007 is up to date.
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  • SbElectric
    Hmmm... could it be memory shortage? Excel 2007 has expanded capabilities rows to 1,048,576 (from 65,536); cols to 16,384 (from 256) and each cell can store 32,000 characters of data (from 255). Just a thought ....
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