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Hi All, I'm facing an issue with the SAVLIB command in daily pre-backup process. There are 15 libraries and each and every library will be submitting as a batch job. When it comes to the HISTORY library (Largest Library) it takes more than 90 minutes to complete the backup. But previously it took only 10 minutes. And When it comes to the post backup (after the EOD process) it takes only 10 minutes to complete the backup of HISTORY library as usual. I wonder why only the pre-backup take this much of time. Pre and post backup PGMS are using the same SAVLIB command.
SBMJOB     CMD(SAVLIB LIB(&LIBNAM) DEV(*SAVF) +               
             SAVF(&SAVLIB/&SAVFNAME) SAVACT(*SYSDFN) +        
             DTACPR(*HIGH)) JOB(&SAVFNAME) +                  
             JOBD(&BTHJOD) INLLIBL(*JOBD) LOG(*JOBD +         
             *JOBD *SECLVL) LOGCLPGM(*YES)                    
SAVLIB submit job status shows as EVTW. But I cannot see any MSGW or any error in DSPLOG.
Really appreciate if someone can help me out on this.

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According to IBM the EVTW means

The initial thread of the job is waiting for an  
event.  For example, QLUS and SCPF generally wait
for work by waiting for an event.

Is the system in a restricted state when trying to do the pre-backup?

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  • CharlieBrowne

    Have you looked at the joblog?

    Check you value for SAVACT. If there are many locks on files, this will increase your backup time. What else is running while the backup is being done?

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  • Stephz
    Yes. System will be restricted for users when proceeding backup. So there are no any locks at that time. And at that time only the backup process will be going on. 

    Both pre and post backups are using the same CL command. Only the pre backup is having this issue. After the EOD process post backup will be going on. Post backup is pretty fast. 
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  • Splat
    Is the DTACPR(*HIGH) a new addition? That does tend to slow things down.
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  • pdraebel
    How is the HISTORY library used? Is there a lot of activity during the day and none in EOD processing?
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  • Stephz
    DTACPR(*HIGH) is not a new addition. It was there for morethan 2 years. 
    History library is using to write daily transactions to the history in the EOD run. Pre-backup will be running before the EOD. Once completed the Pre-backup , EOD process will be started and once complted the EOD process system will start the Post-Backup. Only Pre-backup is having this issue. 

    This can be happen due to journalling issue or Mimix ?
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  • pdraebel
    Do you fire off all 15 library saves at once?
    You say you are using MIMIX. Is that a recent addition ? (I mean before the save time change ?
    Do you have a Joblog of the Pre-Backup save ?
    Are all objects in the library journaled to the same journal ?
    Just drawing your attention to possible causes of the delay.
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