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Bruce, can you figure out this piece of code? I don't understand the result I get. Before code is executed: XXAVAL = 0, LTSTHQ = 30, LTCUSQ = 30, LTPICQ = 0, XPQTY = 30, OLOLQT = 30
After code is executed: XXAVAL = 0. I figured XXAVAL should be 60?

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The hierarchy of the EVAL states that all calculations within parentheses are done first. Your eval would translate to:

XXAVAL = 30 - (30 + 0 + 30) + 30 which would then become
XXAVAL = 30 - 60 + 30 whci would give a value of 0.


Parenthesis are indeed done first. For the “rest of the story” see Operation Precedence in the ILE RPG Reference.

Bruce Vining

Thanks, guys!
Well, my brain doesn’t always see what the my eyes show it. I copied that line of code direct from the source member. What I didn’t see was that the minus sign is abutted against the paren.

That changes the operation from a binary operation (subtract) to a unary operation (ie. like z-sub).

That’s the real problem/answer, not Operation Precedence, but Expression Operators!

So, the real formula is:

XXAVAL= 30 + (60-) + 30 making XXAVAL = zero.

I’ll remember to check for spaces in a formula, ’cause it changes + and -.

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  • Sloopy
    Kevin, you are wrong. It's Operator Precedence that gives the zero result, just as has been explained. The position of the minus sign is nothing to do with it. Abutting the sign against the parenthesis does NOT turn it into a 'unary' operator - try changing your code and see. How do you get this: "XXAVAL= 30 + (60-) + 30 making XXAVAL = zero." From this: XXAVAL= LTSTHQ-(LTCUSQ+LTPICQ+XPQTY)+OLOLQT ??? Where did your new plus sign come from? It just appeared from nowhere! If the code actually WAS XXAVAL= LTSTHQ+ -(LTCUSQ+LTPICQ+XPQTY)+OLOLQT then you would be correct. But that's not what you have got. So, please understand what advice you are being given, because if you continue to think that evaluation depends on operator spacing you will end up making some serious mistakes. Regards, Sloopy
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