Ethernet and Patch Cables

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What's the difference between Ethernet cable and Patch cable? And what does "straight-through" mean? Thanks

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An Ethernet cable and a patch cable can be the same thing but the later is usually shorter to “Patch” in from your patch panel to your switch.

Straight through is in reference to a cable being NORMAL instead of a CROSS OVER (Crossed Pairs)

Ethernet cable= type of cable.
Straight Cable (Patch)= This is the standard for Ethernet cables. This cable is used when connecting a pc or a router or such
Cross-over cable= this is used for 2 devices of the same type to communicate together. Example, A PC to PC> configured manually can communicate on the same network together.

If your question is based off of a scenario then just post and I can assist with more detailed information.

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  • IT-Guy1509
    Basicly the info is correct the difficulties above are with the different devices and like devices. Different- Router-Switch PC-Switch Like Devices- PC-PC PC-Router Xbox-PC Also the pairs within the wires. A straight cable goes from pin 1-8 matching on both sides. /if you are dealing with a standard Ethernet cable in order to modify or create a cross-over cable on side B the orange and Green pairs need to be switched If anyone is confused you can contact me at i can assist with more information
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  • Buddyfarr
    the orange and green pairs would be switched depending on if the cable was wired 568A or B. as long as you switch 1 to 3, and 2 to 6 then it would make a correct crossover cable. basically ethernet is the type of cable like the answer says and a patch cable is usually a straight thru cable, (pin 1 to pin 1 on the other end and so on). there is also a rollover cable where they swap on the other end. pin 1 to pin 8, 2 to 7, 3 to 6 and 4 to 5. A rollover cable is typically used to connect a pc to the console port of a router for configuration purposes.
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  • Jbarry234
    what is the difference between network cable yellow and patch cable?
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  • JenniferT
    Both of the cables offers the same use. Typically different colored cables are used to make networking easy and recognizable especially when there are different types of hardware used within a particular network.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Ethernet cable carries the broadband signals between a modem/router/computer, & while other wired internet capable devices. While patch cables can be as short as three inches or longer that a hundred feet. Cat5, Cat5e etc. ethernet cables are common examples. Now this is very simple. Just analyze their definitions, and get differences.
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  • Kalander
    Ethernet Cat5e cable is 8 wires twisted in 4 pairs. Inside each insulation has a single wire. vs a patch cord also have same 8 wires twisted in 4 pairs. each insulation has very thin 7 wires bundled together to make one single wire. 

    Question: If we can use Ethernet cable cat5e for making a patch cord  than why the patch cord available in market is made of different type of cable as describe above.
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