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When I do a full backup getting error cpf3837 during sav command , then requires a C or G to continue how Do i fix

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HTE software

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Have you looked at your joblog?
This will tell you what the problem is and give you guidance on how to correct the issue.
Here are three possible causes for the error.
Object Locked
Object Damaged
No authority

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  • TomLiotta
    A CPF3837 message contains this:
    Recovery  . . . :   Press F10 or use the Display Job Log (DSPJOBLOG) command
      to see the previously listed messages.  Correct any errors and try the
      request again.
    So, did you follow the 'Recovery' instructions? If you did, what did you find? CharlieBrowne's first question was "Have you looked at your joblog?" That is what the 'Recovery' guides you to do with DSPJOBLOG. Until the diagnostic information from the joblog is looked at, there is nothing more that can be done. However, it is quite possible that there isn't anything to do other than to give a 'G' reply to the message and continue on. There are a number of common circumstances where an object cannot be successfully saved and the object isn't needed for a restore. For example, a *MGTCOL object might easily end up in a "damaged" state and not be needed in the future. Those types of issues often arise because systems aren't brought down properly. Operators often run ENDSYS *IMMED (or similar) in order to get things ended in a hurry rather than go through the various ENDTCPSVR, ENDHOSTSVR, etc., commands that will allow applications and servers to close their objects in an orderly fashion. Sometimes one or two obscure objects get left in an incomplete state; sometimes the DB2 cross-reference doesn't get fully synchronized. Usually, the resulting save is still plenty good enough for a full recovery. But the various SAVxxx commands have to issue their warnings. Those commands will never know what is important to your organization. That's when you have to review the log to confirm that everything is okay. Tom
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  • deepu9321
    When You are using SAVOBJ of SAVLIB commands to store Objects(or Libraries) to save file, Error which you have mentioned will come if the save file contains any objects. Possible replies are C(Cancel) & G(Continue). You can check whether the save file contains any objects or not, You can use DSPSAVF command. and if save file contains any objects, you can clear using CLRSAVF. You can avoid this error can be avoided by clearing save file(CLRSAVF) before storing objects or Libraries to it(SAVOBJ or SAVLIB). Pradeep.
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