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I have a .CSV file that contains a header record and then several detail records (random number as it is the EDI invoices). I use the CPYFRMIMPF to copy the first record to the header file and then I do it again for record 2 to *end. The problem is that it will copy the header fine but then it will only copy a few random in the detail detail. So if the file has: Header record 1 Detail record 2 Detail record 3 Detail record 4 Detail record 5 I will get the header fine but then I get record 2, 4 and 5 in the detail and it skips record 3. I do not get any errors. If I go into the .csv file with EXCEL and tab down all the lines and then run the program I get all the data copied correctly. I really want to automate this process. commandString = 'cpyfrmimpf fromstmf(''' + %trim(filePath) + %trim(fileName) + ''') tofile(qtemp/S4B03_temh) mbropt(*replace) rcddlm(*crlf) 'fromrcd(*first 1) rplnullval(*flddft)'; I have tried *CR, *LF and *LFCR with no better results.

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AS/400, RPG

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The problem is with the raw data, something isn’t formated correctly. When you bring it into Excel and then save it, that error is corrected by Excel.

Before you’ve used excel to “Fix” the record, inspect it with notepad (not wordpad)
You will find something different at the end of the third record or in the fourth record. I would suspect the the Cr and/or LF is/are missing between the third and fourth records.

Try backing out this return and adding it back using notepad and resave it. it should now work…keep replacing characters until it does.

Once you’ve found the error, you will need to change the program that is generating the file.

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  • TomLiotta
    You only show us one example of a CPYFRMIMPF command. Is that for the header or the detail records? Is that the part that works or the part that fails? Do any messages appear in the joblog? Are the headers and details all in the same format? What does the record format look like for "qtemp/S4B03_temh"? If the example CPYFRMIMPF is for the details, why do you have both "fromrcd(*first 1)" and "mbropt(*replace)"? Are you using the same .CSV as input for both headers and details? Tom
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