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COBOL debugging
Hello, I AM A BINGINNER IN COBOL PROGRAM: MY FIRST PROGRAME NOT COMPILING WITH THIS ERROR MESSEAGE PLEASE PUT ME THROUTH 000026 HELLO 15 110 No initial SECTION. sourse Code Attached below IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. 000002 PROGRAM-ID. PROGRAM-HELLO. 000003 ENVIRONMENT DIVISION. 000004 CONFIGURATION SECTION. 000005 SPECIAL-NAMES. 000006 DATE IS "S-". 000007* A- American, E- European. 000008 INPUT-OUTPUT SECTION. 000009 FILE-CONTROL. 000010 000011 DATA DIVISION. 000012 FILE SECTION. 000013 000014 000015 000016 LINKAGE SECTION. 000017 SCREEN SECTION. 000018 PROCEDURE DIVISION. 000019 000020 PROGRAM-BEGIN. 000021 000022 DISPLAY "Hello World". 000023 000024 PROGRAM-DONE. 000025 000026 MAIN-ROUTINE SECTION. 000027 MAIN-ENTRY. 000028 000029 STOP RUN. � thanks

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It looks like the IDENTIFICATION DIVISION does not start in the same column as the other DIVISIONs. Try moving it a few spaces to the right and re-complile. (Align the ID DIVISION with the other DIVISIONs)

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    As previously mentioned IDENTIFICATION DIVISION is not aligned with following paragraphs. Note: in the program source the following:: 000026 HELLO 15 110 No Initial Section (compiler looking for something missing...O) 000006 Date is "S-" (I;ve never seen this in AS/400 or IBM mainframe COBOL? Correct/valid Y/N?) Are you showing all source code (I notice that some lines have no source code entries...) Linkage and Screen sections are valid but may not required, what to they reference and what are they linked to (linkage/screens you'll need DDS for external screen or program described screen is missing - unless you have overlooked these sections and have entered them with nothing in the source code referencing them... 000026 Main Routine Section reference your source code line 000024 Program-Done (exists before 000026 Main-Routine...) lines 000024 and 000026 are out of sequence, the program ends before the main routine (000026) is executed...
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