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Dear all,

I am having problem while compiling follwing rpg code for calculation of square and cube of 2digit display file compiles well but there is an error exfmt operation entry not valid.(error qrg 5199).


 Columns . . . :    1  71            Edit                              JKJK1/F1  SEU==>                                                                   SQRPG  FMT FX .....FFilenameIPEAF........L..I........Device+......KExit++Entry+A....U         *************** Beginning of data ************************************* 0001.00      FSQCUB   IF  E                    WORKSTN                          0002.00      C           *IN03     DOWEQ*OFF                                    0003.00      C                     EXFMTREC1                                    0004.00      C           *IN05     IFEQ *ON                                     0005.00      C                     CLEARREC1                                    0006.00      C                     ENDIF                                        0007.00      C           N1        MULT N1        O1                            0008.00      C                     EXFMTREC1                                    0009.00      C           N2        MULT N2        N3                            0010.00      C           N3        MULT N2        O2                            0011.00      C                     EXFMTREC1                                    0012.00      C                     ENDDO                                        0013.00      C                     SETON                         LR                     ****************** End of data ****************************************                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F5=Refresh   F9=Retrieve   F10=Cursor   F11=Toggle        F16=Repeat find       F17=Repeat change          F24=More keys                                                          (C) COPYRIGHT IBM CORP. 1981, 2003.   


and dsply file's dds is as followings:

 Columns . . . :    1  71            Edit                              JKJK1/F1  SEU==>                                                                   SQCUB  FMT A* .....A*. 1 ...+... 2 ...+... 3 ...+... 4 ...+... 5 ...+... 6 ...+... 7          *************** Beginning of data ************************************* 0001.00      A*%%TS  SD  20090930  063451  JKJK        REL-V5R3M0  5722-WDS     0002.00      A*%%EC                                                             0003.00      A                                      DSPSIZ(24 80 *DS3)          0004.00                                             CA03(03)                    0005.00                                             CF05(05)                    0006.00      A          R REC1                                                  0007.00      A*%%TS  SD  20090930  063451  JKJK        REL-V5R3M0  5722-WDS     0008.00      A                                  7 20'ENTE THE NO FOR SQUARE '   0009.00      A            N1             2S 0I  7 46                            0010.00      A                                  8 20'SQUARE'                    0011.00      A                                  8 27'IS'                        0012.00      A            O1             4S 0O  8 46                            0013.00      A                                 11 19'ENTER'                     0014.00      A                                 11 25'THE'                       0015.00      A                                 11 29'NO'                        0016.00      A                                 11 32'FOR'                                                                                                        F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F5=Refresh   F9=Retrieve   F10=Cursor   F11=Toggle        F16=Repeat find       F17=Repeat change          F24=More keys                

pls help by giving appropriate solutions. thanks !                                                                               





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Thanks. We'll let you know when a new response is added.

1. Cannot find QRG5199
2. Go to bottom of compiled listing
3. Go up a page or two — it will list errors — level 20 and above
4. use error # to find actual message — maybe just after line or contains line number
5. go to line and determine error

If you cannot fix those errors then send us specifics and we’ll try to help.

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  • Satsho
    If you get this error, you are specifying an EXFMT for a file that does not have a file type of C in the file description specs. All WORKSTN files should have the C type specified especially when you have both input/output fields as in your example. Unless it is absolutely necessary, (a good coding practice) you should have only one EXFMT for a record format, Additional comments - set the F5 key off afterwards, otherwise your code will always clear the contents.
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  • WilsonAlano
    Good one Satsho! Read this code and find the error! Wow! We need a better editor to show code here! Wilson
    2,710 pointsBadges:
  • graybeard52
    Actually 6r also needs a better editor. If he/she used lpex instead of SEU, all he would need to do is click "verify" and the error and its line would be highlighted.
    3,115 pointsBadges:
  • TomLiotta
    1. Cannot find QRG5199 In current releases, QRG* compiler messages are generally listed in QDEVTOOLS/QRPGMSG. Various RPG message files can be found with:
    125,585 pointsBadges:
  • philpl1jb
    Thanks Tom Only two years after the question, here is the issue. Message QRG5199 clearly indicates that EXFMT commands can only be done to file type 'C' .. not file type I. 0001.00 FSQCUB IF E WORKSTN Phil
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