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I think that I'm nearly there. I've bought, base-lined and created a domain on my server. I've purchased a static IP address and have the associated sub-net mask, DNS1, DNS2 etc... I'm really not sure what to do to enable RDP from outside of my home network. I have a reasonably good Linksys router. I've been doing some reading up about it but:... 1. How would I set-up/configure port forwarding? 2. Would I configure my router with the static IP information provided and if so how would I point any incoming traffic to my domain controller? 3. What sort of Firewall do I need? Should I buy one or is it built into the router? 4. Any security considerations, I've looked into VPN's and I understand that they're more secure but I have to be able to connect to this environment and as RDP comes as standard I would prefer to utilize it in the first instance. Any advice/links would be greatly appreciated.

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1. You need to log into your Linksys router. After you log into your Linksys you will click on Applications & Gaming link near the top of the page.

You should now see a new menu. In this new menu, click Port Range Forward. Now you want to open port 3389 to the machine that you want to connect to. If you can pull down (you did not say your model) application – then do so and choose remote desktop and choose protocol BOTH. then put in the ip address for the machine you will connect to.

2.You would have to be using NAT – the linksys gets the static IP and gives out 192.168.x.x addresses internally then you use this to connect to your dc.

3. There is one built into most linksys routers but depending on how much protection you need is what you will want to get – long story short buy a hardware firewall if you REALLY want to be protected.

4. RDP over VPN is a great security practice. You will need to use software vpn on both ends and then connect to RDP.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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