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An attacker is using my email address to spam others mailbox. I keep receiving those email receiver unreachable. Some of the receiver email servers have blocked my email domain. May I know what is the countermeasure for this? DKMI, DMARC, SPF Check? How can I configure it?

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I’m afraid your question isn’t very specific. When you say ‘my email address’ are you referring to an address provided a corporate entity, or else a personal email address from a vendor / free-service provider? Depending on this, you’ll have to coordinate with a domain administrator / email administrator for this.

Configuring DMARC (which uses SPF and DKMI) is something that will be done on email servers by their administrator — not in the user account settings. You should take your concerns to the domain administrator / email administrator to address this, since they’ll be able to do the needful. All the best.

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  • Kevin Beaver
    Although it may not be foolproof, you should set up an SPF record. The purpose of this DNS configuration is to prevent outsiders from sending emails that look like they're coming from you.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Moreover if it is your personal mail id, you did not mention either you changed password with complex one. Or for an experiment purpose, create another account on the same vendor and use it and observe if the person can hack your mail/stole your mail password.
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  • ToddN2000
    I have heard some virus attacks target your address book to get valid email address to be sold to spammers. They can then spoof any email to make it look valid. I have seen this where I have got emails from friends in the middle of the night. I know they would be sleeping at this time, so I don't open them until I call and ask if it is valid. 99% of the time it's not and I delete it. At this point it's a possibility someone or both are compromised and a virus scan should be updated and run immediately.
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