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Dear All, I work for a solution provider and IT outsourcer. We have many clients who are starting to stir, due to the fact that enforced compliance is coming down the pipeline for UK companies, as SarBox did for US owned companies. Many of our customers are clients in the SME and need a solution, however many are cost sensitive. I have looked at solutions provided by the like of Zantaz and KVS. They look like sound products but are relatively expensive for the small guy with say 10 users within a small finance/legal co. Does anyone know of an el'cheap solution which will fit the bill? i.e. up to 2k but preferably a few hundred pounds. I have looked at straight forward journaling with Exch2k3 but even MS recommend an external 3rd party solution for storage, querying, etc. Can anyone advise? Also, it would be useful to know of a website which focusses on compliance so I can get a better idea of the areas which need to be covered. Thanks in advance, Rob

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I will start and say that I have not found any easy answers for this area and that the company I work for is in the US. We have been researching and planning our implementation of an email archiving solution to meet compliance requirements since May of this year and we still do not have it finalized. What I did find though is there is a point where an internal solution makes more sense than an outsourced solution, but that is based on size and storage requirements and yes they both were very expensive based on our size. I would suggest based on the numbers you stated that an outsourced solution would better fit your requirements. Zantaz does have an outsourced solution as well as an internal solution so they may still be an option. I am sorry I don’t know of vendors in the UK, but one thing we did was ask Iron Mountain (who was one of our initial considerations) what were their competitors and they gave us a list. As far as a web site that focuses on compliance the only thing we could really find was going to the source of the regulations (for us the SEC and NASD web sites) and researching there.

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  • Tsmitty
    I can tell you that the SEC likes .pst archives. This is specifically what they asked of us in a recent audit. .pst files do not of course provide a very robust archival solution - but with the combination of nightly backups, NTFS permissions, and an automated archival process it can work. Other solutions of course tend to be extremely costly for smaller firms. We actually deployed the above solution in my firm - a small investment firm in the US. It suffices for compliance purposes, but that's about it. I can send you the details if you're interested. Good luck! -Tom
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  • Cptrelentless
    Exchange is mondo expensive for SMEs and not worth the cost (you need a huge server). Why not try one of the cheaper mail servers (Kerio mailserver 6 is good and runs on Windows)? Then you can archive off stuff to a long term storage medium which you buy with the money you saved.
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  • Imaginetsecurity
    Without knowing the size of your information store, number of mailboxes, basics of your internal data storage/backup processes, or duration needed for archive retention, there is little to go on. I can only forward some general references on solutions for email archiving. Being in the US and knowing only the regulations that apply here, I concur with the other post's recommendation to review your governing agency's materials/website for suggestions on how best to maintain compliance with UK regulations. Here are a few resources to look into or talk with about email retention and compliance. I found these and many more by doing a search for "email storage" on InterChange, a resource for information and practical guidance on achieving compliance, reducing storage requirements, managing storage resources, reducing cost of legal discovery, consolidating servers, and archiving and protecting data. They can be found at Archive Attender? for Exchange from Sherpa Software Group Hope these help some.
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  • RobertRutherford
    Sorry, When I say Exch2003... I mean on SBS.
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