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I'm frustrated as when I'm outside of my home I cant often receive and never send emails using Outlook. I have an operator who checks something which doesn't corrispond. When I am in a firm I'm connected on the network. Could you help on this issue.

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Problem Seems to be gets bottlenecked while acessing through Webmail. Pls check the ISP for Bandwidth (Speed.

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  • MrGee62
    If you are using Outlook to check your email from outside of the office, you will have to be set up with a POP3 account OR see if your firm uses Outlook Web Access. To set up a POP3 account you will need to know the incoming server address (usually your firm's email server) and your own ISP's outgoing SMTP email server. If you are using a notebook computer and travel around then it is better if your administrator has set up Outlook Web Access capability. Please note that for POP3 to work, your administrator also has to have this set up in your email server (usually a default setting for most servers) I hope that this information is helpful! Gregg
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  • BlueKnight
    I agree with MrGee62... I use Outlook Web Acess (OWA) and can access my e-mail from anywhere I can get Internet access. I prefer it to POP3, but it's a good alternative to OWA. Talk to your Sys Admin about setting up either for you. Jim
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  • Markrich
    The ability to send (SMTP) outside of company firewalls can be restricted by ports. Receiving should not be a problem if the POP3 port is open. Most ISP's require you to be inside their network broundries to send and receive email because of problems with SPAM. This problem is resolved using OWA unlass your network admins are very paranoid. check with your network people to get connectivity to your network either VPN or a certificate that validates you as a part of the group. Good Luck, Mark
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  • Baycity
    I agree with the others. The easiest way to solve this is to get OWA set up. Your sys admin will do this for you and you will get your mails from anywhere you can get internet connection. If it a bandwidth problem, then you will hav eto look with your ISP to resolve the speeds issues.
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  • Syphun
    I agree with some of the comments here. But from the question, this guy appears to be a home user, and possibly using one of the free accounts like gmail, ymail or live.. . (I am hoping it is), So, OWA is out of the matter for me, no contacting sys admin. From your question, i undastand that if you leave your home and log on to another network with internet connection, you could send and recieve mails, but not accessible when you get back home. Depending on the version of Ouklook you are using, i think you should point your ouklook connection to the internet to connect to the internet through the INTERNET EXPLORER not connecting through your LAN. You should be able to access it from TOOLS>ACCOUNT SETTINGS>dble click on the account>MORE SETTINGS>CONNECTION TAB>CONNECT THROUGH INTERNET EXPLORER OR A 3RD PARTY DIALER. That should solve your problem of connection both at home and out your home. The thing is, as long as you can access the internet thru your Explorer, then outlook can access it too I hope this helps
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