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At our college, we have a naming rule that appends a number to the end of a student email address.  (Staff accounts are not affected.)

The base rule is jsmith1@....  The next one then becomes jsmith12 (not jsmith2) and so on.  When it reaches jsmith19, the next address will be something like jsmith17A3B32.

Of course that's strange in itself.

What I though could be done is start the next batch off with jsmith2@....

However, I'm told that changing the rule is retroactive and all previous accounts would be renamed.

So I guess this is a two part problem.

A.  Can the current rule be fixed to make the names simpler?

B. Can the rule be updated but not be retroactive?



Note: Currently on SP1 but system was originally configured on the original version.

Software/Hardware used:
Exchange 2007 SP1

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The rule sounds like an internal IT policy for your organization. You need to work out the retroactive part with the policy makers.

How is each account created? I assume a script is doing this.

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  • Grube
    The policy (under Organization - Hub transport) uses the sequence %1g%s1@..... I see no retroactive switch. However there is - Do not Apply - Imediately - At the following time Would "immediately" be considered retroactive and all existing accounts would be set? If we set it to "Do not apply", then would past settings be left alone and only new accounts affected by the rule? Ken
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  • mshen
    Once a mailbox is created in exchange, it will not rename itself. Unless you have a script that renames these accounts you don't have to worry about retroactive renames. That is why you should talk to the policy makers at your organization to work out details because whoever told you that it needs to be retroactive is probably stating organizational policy.
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  • Grube
    It's not the general naming convention I'm looking at. It would be the email address policy. Don't know if retroactivity is a policy. I think it's what the tech observed when he looked at it. (same place I was checking out?). ken
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  • Grube
    From watching what we/I was/were doing, it looks like the 'run now' option is the retroactive part of the question. If I don't select it, all appear fine. But here's a question pertaining to the original posting: When a name reaches e.g. jsmith19, the next email address created will be something like jsmith17A3B32. Is there a way to 'fix' this so progression is more natural? thanks Ken
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