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Hello -  a bit of help please and a pointer in the right direction if possible.

My compnay is a membership body and I have uncovered a case whereby an email has been submitted to us which has been added to - more names added - and then printed and saved in numerous files.  It is a clear case of an email having been tampered with, amended, so as to falsify numbers.  Can anybody please tell me the relevant laws, acts that cover this behaviour.

Thank you in advance for any forthcoming assistance.

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If you are looking for a way to prosecute an individual, your organization should retain a lawyer who knows the law.

You can type in “forgery law” into any search engine to fine out what laws exist but you would also want to see those which apply to your state/country as well.

Good luck.


I am not a lawyer but I believe the act of modifying an email would fall within the legal definition of “spoliation”. One must consider the intent of the spoliator and the subsequent damage caused by the act of spoliation. For example, was it the persons intent to commit a fraud or damage the reputation of the organization? The next question is, did they succeed and what was the level of damage (monetary or reputational) caused by the act?

Prior to retaining a lawyer which will likely be a very expensive proposition, you should determine how serious this act should be taken. If you decide to proceed with either a civil or criminal suit, you should immediately apply standard computer forensic practices in order to preserve the original email and any variants because they will be “discoverable” in any action you choose to bring.

I have found that Kroll Ontrack is a great resource for case law and electronic discovery guidance related to technology legal proceedings.

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  • Technochic
    What mail system are you using please?
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  • Kimbo
    Thanks Xeno
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  • Kimbo
    Hi Techno - It's Outlook 2003
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  • r3boot
    the only thing i could think that this thing has happened, it either the system wasnt secured or someone planted a keylogger on your computer and another thing the password was weak, going back to your problem get a lawyer who knows the law regarding that kind situation and the thing it depends on your country also whether a law been passed on it regarding that kind of cases.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    Besides Law and Acts that cover this, probably what does your company ethics practices say about it is more important.
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