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I have one user (known anyway)who does not get some email delivered to the client. So far this is what we have:

  1. The emails that do not get delivered are always from the same person (external mail coming in).
  2. Most of the emails from this person ARE delivered. It's random as to the one's that don't get deliverd.
  3. There are no Rules set as I've blown away the users profile and recreated x2.
  4. All Logs from exchange show that the email IS delivered to the users mailbox - even when it doesn't make it.
  5. I setup email forwarding to my mailbox to see if I get the emails the user did not and I DO get the email.
  6. Client runs in Non-cached mode - NO PST files. Right off the server.
  7. Running Exchange 2007 & Outlook 2007 (all users).
I'm stumped and need some help with this.


Software/Hardware used:
Dell Optiplex 745, Outlook 2007, XP sp3, IE7.

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For clarification please, what kind of spam filtering or Anti-Virus detection is being done?

I’m sure you’ve check the outlook spam folder by now, so here are a couple of ideas:
Are there any server side rules in place for this user?
Any chance this is attachment or size related?

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  • TomLiotta
    I've blown away the users profile and recreated... In Exchange? Was Outlook also removed/installed on the client system? On the client, does Outlook 'Find' report all of the received e-mails while not finding any of the lost e-mails? When you receive copies of lost e-mails, does anything show up on your system in any kind of AV or other software log that might indicate a problem with the e-mail item? Looking into other apps that may interact with Outlook might show clues. Tom
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  • Potential
    - The Spam folder was checked, there are no server side rules and any attachments are well under our limit. - On the client side - outlook does not find any of the "lost" emails but finds everything else. - The email I received, that the intended recipient did not receive, was nothing out of the ordinary that we don't see a hundred times a day. When the sender re-sends the email it comes through fine. The sender has caught on to the problem and if they don't hear anything back from the recipient in a given time they re-send. - AV is not stopping anything nor is our spam system. Everything is bypassed on this particulare user as we try to troubleshoot the issue. - As for other apps that interact with Outlook - there are only 2 and we have another 389 users that don't have problems and everyone uses the same thing. - The Outlook client was NOT removed/reinstalled. Didn't see much use in doing that since the program works or doesn't. Thanks. Russ
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