Email account hacked or was it?

My parents have an Gmail account that I set up and they had an incident where someone used the email address to deceive their broker to sign over money. They say it was our account that was hacked, but I had no notification of any foul play and the hackers never sent anything else to it was targeted to a specific persons email that they have never emailed. Could this company's email been hacked and they used emails from the address book, without us knowing anything? Also they were specific on who they were talking to and about the company which they would of never gotten from our Gmail account.

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I know who it is can you please stop her from access to my phone and all info it includes picture, emai, everything

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Have you changed the password with more complex one ! If changed what was your observation. This complain from your respected parents and are they well known about internet/ email related issues while you mentioned you never notified about that.
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  • ToddN2000
    It's possible. First thing I'd do is change my password to a stronger one and do it from a clean PC. Second, run a virus scan on the suspected PC. Infections can come for a lot of places, the more common is public Wi-Fi hotspots. Use those at your own risk.
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  • TheRealRaven
    @Cindymcnatt : No, the only thing we can do for you across the Internet is advise to change all passwords (to strong values) and to scan all devices for malware (and remove any found).
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  • Subhendu Sen

    @Cindymcnatt, How we can stop her ? Even you did not provide any good details. How did you know she gets access your phone? Whatever it is, you can do

    1. At very first, change all passwords (including email) with complex format.

    2. Next try to stop using phone for very few days (at least 3-4 days).If possible, you can use but without internet connection.

    3. Contact your local internet provider. Might be they have strong tools/ software to block her to access your phone/ your connection.

    4. If you know her, try to talk with her with calm & let her understand the situation.

    However more information is needed.

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  • ToddN2000
    If you use passwords with things like birthdays, 
    anniversaries or other special significance they 
    make it easier for people to crack. The same goes 
    for the names of family members, pets, ex's or the 
    type of car you drive or favorite vacation spots. 

    Too many people use these because they are easy to remember. 
    The problem is if you post anything to social media on those 
    dates or photos tagged with the name it's even easier to 
    crack your password. You should be using a password of at 
    least 8 to 10 characters and use mixed case, upper and lower 
    and even use a few special characters. Each special char and 
    extra char used in the password makes it exponentially tougher 
    to crack.

    You should also never use the same password on multiple sites. 
    If someone does get into an account, say your email, they can 
    go to other sites of yours and ask for a password reset. 

    It then gets sent to that email address and they can change it 
    and lock you out of your accounts or worse. It's scary to think, 
    but it happens. It gets worse the more we use different 
    social media accounts and expose personal information. 

    If you feel you have been hacked, run some anti virus software.
    Then change all of you password accounts.
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