Efficient way of testing multiple character set support in your application

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If we need to test the localization/ internationalization support of an application (i.e, supporting ascii, german, japanese characters etc) then how to perform this testing efficiently?

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<b>Test Strategy for testing the multiple character set support and troubleshoot the char/s that is responsible for failure:</b>

Suppose we are testing an API say ‘createuser’. And username can contain any supported character with max length of 64 characters, then design ur test input as below:

<b>1 </b>username with 64 characters
<b>1.1 </b>first half of username from test 1.
1.1.1 first half of test 1.1
…till username contain 1 character
…till username contain 1 character

<b>1.2 </b> second half of username
1.2.1 first half of test 1.2

1.2.2 second half of test 1.2

<b>2</b> username with the characters that are not present in test input1 // number of characters that need to be supported are more than 64.
<b>2.1</b> first half of test 2.1

where 1, 1.1, 1.1.1 etc are test case ids.

<b>In your test automation do the following steps:</b>
Read the input file.
Call the create user API with input from test1.
If the above step is pass (ie., create user with 64 char length is pass)
then move to test case 2. (no need to execute 1.1 etc.)
else {
execute testid 1.1.
if testid1.1 pass then move to test id 1.2
else execute testid 1.1.1


In this approach u can minimize the tests that need to be executed if there are no issues in the product.
The number of tests that needs to be executed will be dependent on the stability of the product.

With this approach you can troubleshoot the char that is responsible for failure if any. i.e,
<b>In this approach troubleshooting is done thru automation to save manual effort.</b>

What do you think?

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  • Saimadhu
    This strategy is applicable for valid test input and not for invalid test input.
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