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AS/400 macros
I need a macro that will copy information from the center of the AS400 screen, page down, copy information in the exact same location, page down, repeating the process for about 20 pages. The information starts at Row 12/Col 006 and stops at Row 20/Col 080.  Because of serious cuts, I have been waiting 3 weeks to even talk with someone from IT. Any help would be appreciated.

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AS400, MS Excel

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What is the reason for the copying such a wide span of data?
I assume this is from a subfile

A macro I belive can do this but only for one page at a time.
It will replace the last page in the clipboard on subsequent copies.

If the data is ALWAYS in that range and NEVER changes why not just write this data to an auxillary file and retrieve with a querey or SQL statement. Then place the data where you need it.

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  • WoodEngineer
    If you are using IBM's Client Access there is a Copy Append feature which could help.
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  • TomLiotta
    A macro could indeed do the whole task, but it's not easy. Since this is tagged with 'MS Excel ', I assume that this is not actually an iSeries Access macro, but an Excel macro that must communicate with an emulator window. It's not too hard to create an emulator macro that copies from a screen. It's a little more work to get it to store what it copies into some text file. And it's another bit of work to get it to repeat its copy-and-paste until it runs out of screens. But that's not using Excel. Technically, you could then import the text file into Excel and parse the columns. I suppose that could even be done by an Excel macro. But getting the two very different applications to have a single macro do all of the work...? That will take some expertise that covers both ends. Unfortunately, it's not quite so easy to come up with something that will actually work... on someone else's unknown system that has unknown characteristics. Or is the Excel tag not fully relevant? Tom
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  • Toonce
    I used a keystroke recording to create a macro. I originally re-mapped the keyboard to allow an unused key for the copy-append function, then I used the keyboard [SHIFT+Right Arrow/Down Arrow] to select the area of the page I wanted, copy-append, page down, repeat. It works okay but I get a duplicate of the first page on the clipboard. The "remove duplicates" function in Excel removes the duplicates just fine, but the process seems "clunky" I was hoping to streamline it and remove the initial duplicate from the clipboard. Thanks again for you input, I can't express my gratitude enough.
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