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I may have a very simple, or a complicated question. I would like to access some applications that are stored on a remote computer. Sofar I have been scared off by reading about “setting up a webserver, apply for DNS, RAS servers and whatever else”. All I really want is to allow to have secure access to application . I can set these up on a machine. I do not need a webserver, we don't serve webpages to the outside world from our machine, just (secure!) access for a few users (3 or 4 co-workers) to a few applications (such as sugarcrm (apache/php/mysql) or Alfresco (tomcat)) and their databases on that machine. One of them also includes fairly sensitive user data such as a database of cv's / resumes that we store for our business and that I would like to categorise and make searchable using a DMS such as Alfresco. So to put in in my simple words, what should replace the (or localhost) I use when doing stuff locally on that machine. I try to access the machine using http://12.345.678.910:8080 (not actual ip-address, just something I read somewhere) but browser says “seem to be a valid site, but still something is wrong”. It would be nice if this were relatively easy, however, I also get the feeling that if it were, I am sure there's huge security issues involved with this as well! Anyone can point me in the right direction with the right buzzwords, reading matter? Thanks a bunch in advance. Ronald

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Microsoft’s Remote Desktop might be the way for you to go here.  This is another site that might be useful
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  • Simplr
    Thanks Flame, I've read the material, it appears to me though that by using Remote Desktop, only one user at the time could access the "server" / remote desktop. I will still keep it in mind, thanks again
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  • carlosdl
    do you need to do this from outside your LAN ? through the internet ?
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  • Dwiebesick
    Some other considerations would be: 1. are these applications multiuser? In other words, can more then one user access them at a time? 2. if you need more then one user to access this 'computer/server' at time, then you maybe talking about terminal server 3. the is local host loop back, which means that you are access the 'program' from your client, to the NIC IP stack and then back into your computer, the software request never really leaves your computer - it could be that this program will not accept request for anything other then local host - think security regarding this - total guess on my part as I do not have your programs to test 4. You might try these sites for more specific information: http://www.sugarcrm.com/crm/ http://wiki.alfresco.com/wiki/Main_Page and post this question directly to these communities. Best of luck dmw
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  • petkoa
    Hi, If yor server is not running some "server-flavored windows", it's like this... Anyway, you can install some VNC server/client suite which has no limitations on the number of connections. I don't know however, how secure are all of these VNC flavors. I use TightVNC, and they say "passwords are encrypted, screens and input -no, use ssh tunneling if you need some". I use this, but it's provided by my linux gate / firewall. If you have no ssh-capable gate, probably you can install sshd on you server (even it is a winxp home/pro) and benefit from tunneling. BR, Petko
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  • Simplr
    @Carlosdl, yes, I would like to be able to sign in from any location, so through the internet as well as from the LAN. @Dwiebesick, yes, it would be multi-user, though effectively chances are low that 2 ppl would access the same data from the same database at he same time. Think a company of 4 to 5 people that want to be able to access to their customer data, their documents etc. from outside the office (where we spend 8 hrs./day). So although data security is an issue, performance is less of an issue. We're not talking dozens of users continuously using this connection. Not even 10. More likely one every now and then. I will look at the applications'forums, thanks for the suggestion. I just tried a more general approach in this forum. @petkoa (and you're all going to crack up now I think), it's a server running Windows Exchange 2003. But (!) I would like to be able to set this up on another PC, most likely running XP PRO or Vista. Mainly because the powerful and totally useless bunch that calls themselves system managers (whom we pay) is just not able to help out, not willing to help out and not on location. I will definitely read up on VNC, thanks a lot for the suggestion. I also just came across documentation on setting up VPN on Windows. Thanks all sofar for thinking with me! Ronald
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  • Mmcm888
    Hi Simplr, what it seems is that you require a VPN so that workers can connect to the application from their PC and also you want them to be able to use a browser to access the applications. There is a hosted VPN service accessmylan which provides both VPN client and web based access and runs on Windows.
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