Dynamic DSPF by RPL program

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Can I control DSPF field keywords, dynamically while running program. (e.g. set the field color to RED if user didn't fill the field). I don't want to use indicator. Thanks

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You need to use a p-field to set the display attributes.

See Anatomy of a P-field.

Also see Display attributes made easy.

Hope this helps – BigKat

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  • Golan
    Hi, Thx for address me to P-field. I followed the ‘Anatomy of a P-field’ page, compiled my files with no error, run but nothing happened. With debug mode I saw the hex value in the ‘nameAttr’ field but nothing happened. Do I need to enable the p-field in my system? Please advise Golan
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  • BigKat
    mmm, never had any problem with them. Double check your hex values, and make sure your setting the correct p-field assigned to your data field. If that doesn't help, can you post the DDS and the code where you set it before the exfmt
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  • SteveFletcher
    Hi Golan, In your program, before you write the display record (Write or Exfmt), you need to set the value in the P-field to the desired hex value of the color/attribute you want. Then, when it displays, it will use the color/attribute specified by that hex value. Good luck. Steve
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  • WoodEngineer
    One of our developers made extensive use of P-fields ( I asked him to avoid indicators). This is a partial example of code copied into all his programs that use display files. His program executes code similar to EVAL PFIELD1 = @GreenRI before writing the screen. Later if he needs to protect the field, EVAL PFIELD1 = @GreenPR then write the screen again. *************** Beginning of data ********************** 0001.00 * RI = Reverse Image 0002.00 * HI = Hi Intensity 0003.00 * BL = Blink 0004.00 * UL = Underline 0005.00 * ND = Non-display 0006.00 * PR = Protect 0007.00 * 0008.00 0009.00 d @Green c const(x'20') 0010.00 d @GreenRI c const(x'21') 0011.00 d @GreenHI c const(x'22') 0012.00 d @GreenRIHI c const(x'23') 0013.00 d @GreenUL c const(x'24') 0014.00 d @GreenULRI c const(x'25') 0015.00 d @GreenULHI c const(x'26') 0016.00 d @GreenND c const(x'27') 0017.00 d @GreenBL c const(x'28') 0018.00 d @GreenBLRI c const(x'29') 0019.00 d @GreenBLHI c const(x'2A') 0020.00 d @GreenPR c const(x'A0')
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  • Golan
    Hi, Thx to all of you. I haven’t set the p-field bits correctly. Now it is working well. Golan :-)
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