Duplicate overlays not printing on the same page of a report

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AS/400 printing
We have a report that is suppose to print the same overlay twice on a page but only prints it once. We get an AS400 error message PQT3302 but do not know why the error occured or how to resolve it. The error message says 'Print data may be missing from the report'. This is true the second overlay will be missing from a page on the report. This printer device has a separator page program running that duplicates the spoolfile and saves it to an external AS400 file. Most of the other device fields are the default value. The report does print correctly on another device defined identically but this device is not used as frequently. The printers are HP printers. Any idea why this error occurs?

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When you say ‘The report prints correctly on another printer’ then you have your answer. It’s a classic way of determining if a report or a printer is at fault.

Clearly your report is OK, as you get correct results when in service using another output device. Therefore check the configuration of the two devices. Starting with the device itself. Do they have the same memory? are they configured identically internally (There’s usually a ‘print the settings’ option on a modern HP laser – in fact all the way back to their Laserjet II that set the standards.

The erorr message is indicating that you are converting to IPDS, Is this true for both printers?

If their internal configuration is identical, then you’ll need to check the comms to the printers (how are they attached? – configured as the same device type? both local, or both remote? And check the device configurations.

There will be a difference, you just have to find it.

Hey – You have a working prototype – you can Retrieve Configuration Source (RTVCFGSRC) for the devices, and associated objects, and compare them. Heck, you could automate it with a CMPPFM after rtving all the components, and have it tell you what the difference is.
Double Heck – seeing as one works, make a command that allows you to enter the two device names, runs rtfcfgsrc for them and all their components – campares the result, identifies the changes, and reconfigures the broken one to match the working one. (keeping the original values in the source member of course so you can put it all back later)

I just *love* finding printer config errors – so much to choose from.

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