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Windows Programs shows "Dump5515.tmp" and many other numbers like this. What is this & can I delete it?

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You’ll notice if you do a Disk Clean-Up or run a program like CCleaner, *.tmp files will be removed.

*.tmp files are temporary files. Dump5515.tmp sounds like a standard log. When programs run they have memory leaks, extra little processes and interrupts, and it all gets logged. Well, eventually that bogs down the program and is dumped…when that happens, we get dump files. If you are uncomfortable removing these files yourself, there are several free applications that do so. I suggest: CCleaner.

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  • bhannah
    That TMP may also be an error logging file that was created if you had a major error or a crash. Before deleting it, I would open it to actually see what the file contains. It can be opened with notepad, wordpad, or any word processor to see what the file contains. If it contains information from a system crash, it will have information what your system was doing when it crashed, and the module that caused the crash. This can be very useful in correcting the issue. If they contain nothing useful then CCleaner would be a very good way to delete them.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Generally, .tmp files are located under user directory/ sub directory. On search bar/ text box, type %tmp% and press enter key. Windows explorer shows a folder call temp  and here you can see various files/ folders. You can delete them except which are running in background.
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  • ToddN2000
    .TMP files are temporary files. They may have been placeholder files for program installs or possibly downloads that did not complete or ended in error. They may also be used by applications you are using. You can tell some of them by the access path the .TMP file is stored in for example this FireFox temp file.
    C:\Users\MYPC\Desktop\Old Firefox Data\yibf4ucr.default\search-metadata.json.tmp
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