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My CA sessions keep dropping. My VPN connection is solid. I am using standard VPN provided by Windows XP. If I start up a MochaSoft session first (do not even need to sign on to AS/00) All my CA sessions stay connected. How come I have to have MochaSoft up to keep CA sessions going.

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please try to check the following:

* On your vpn server, double check your configurations, some VPN servers has default time session for clients which is quite shorter than you expected, so your connection keeps on dropping.

* try to have a continuous ping from a remote place to your VPN server, maybe there are RTO’s that leads to connection failure.

* contact your ISP and verify if your connection has restrictions with regards to VPN connection. UDP port 500 on your ISP should be open.

Hope this works..


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  • Stiloabarthian
    It may be that Mocha sets a "keep alive" value and CA doesn't by default. You can change this by editing the .WS file. Try the following article:
  • Stiloabarthian
    The link didn't work! http://www.itjungle.com/fhg/fhg061108-story01.html
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  • CoderHal
    I got to the link. Had to clean it up a bit... I did as the link suggested. Added KeepAlive=Y right after the [Telnet5250] option in the xxx.ws file. It did not make a difference at all. My session died after about 10 minutes. I did not try the CWBCOPWR *CMD to change settings. Can that command show you what the setting are.? I prompted the command for its parms... shown below Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:Documents and SettingsHP_Administrator>CWBCOPWR /? IBM iSeries Access for Windows Version 5 Release 2 Level 0 Communication power tool (C) Copyright IBM Corporation and Others 1984, 2002. All rights reserved. U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp. Licensed Materials - Property of IBM The program, cwbcopwr.exe, has not been thoroughly tested under all conditions. IBM, therefore, does not guarantee or imply its reliability, serviceability, or function. See the cwbcopwr.htm for more details. cwbcopwr [/HELP] - this output [/HELPDETAILS] - extensive help information (in html) cwbcopwr /MKA:<freq.>,<start>] - machine KA, seconds: between, till start [/DFLT] - reset KA values to default (1,7200) cwbcopwr /SVC:<svc>,<svc>,..] - service(s) to affect ("ALL" affects all) [/SYS:<system>] - system (in active environment) to affect [/RMV] - reset all options back to defaults [/SETTO:<svc>] - sets /SVC services equivelent to <svc> [/SC:<cache>,<thresh>] - CAE send cache,threshold [/SMX:<max size>] - CAE single max send amount [/KA:(1-ON or 0-OFF)] - TCP/IP KeepAlives [/NGL:(1-ON or 0-OFF)] - TCP/IP nagling [/WSS:<cache size>] - TCP/IP send buffer [/WSR:<cache size>] - TCP/IP receive buffer [/RT:<timeout period>] - TCP/IP receive timeout [/ST:<timeout period>] - TCP/IP send timeout Possible names for configurable services: 1 central 2 file 3 netprt 4 database 5 odbc 6 dataqueue 7 rmtcmd 8 signon 9 ddm 10 mapi 11 usf 12 web-admin 13 telnet 14 mgmtctrl 15 sts 16 opconsole 17 vcons 18 edrsql I find this command confusing.... not sure if I want to run it without knowing how to put it back to whereever the settings are now.
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