drives shared on 2 servers via crossover cable on secondary nic’s

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Cross-over cable
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
I have 2 servers, Win 2003, connected with a crossover cable to the secondary nic's - I can map to server 1 from server 2, but not server 2 to server 1. Get user restricted error, but can't find what to change, and is the problem on server 2 rights (not allowing maps to server 1), or server 1 rights (not allowing mapping from server 2). We do not use active directory, but use RDPs to connect to both servers.

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If this solution doesn’t fit what you are asking, please provide a little more information on why you have two NICs instead of just the one and transferring through them.

I’m assuming that the IP Networks are different on the NICS that are connected with a cross over cable. (They should be– otherwise you <b>WILL </b>have connectivity problems.) I will call this the private network.

I would create a hosts or lmhosts entry on the first server for the second server pointing to the private network address of the second server. The hosts and lmhosts files are located in <i>C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc</i> on windows. The format of the entry would be (substituting your IP address and server name): Server2

Then do the same for the second server pointing to teh first server and it’s IP address, like so: Server1

That should ensure the transmission goes across the secondary nics.

Some things to think about:
1. Make sure your nics are set to a specific speed, and that they are the same. With out switches I would not recommend trying a setting of AUto or Auto-Negotiate.
2. Under the network properties of the secondary Nics (in TCP/IP settings) be sure and uncheck “register this connection with DNS” so that it doesn’t announce that connection to a DNS server (if you every have AD, this setting will save you some greif.)
3. You might also want to try to disable the Microsoft Client (But not file and print sharing for Microsoft Networks) so the Secondary NIC’s don’t get used in the event teh servers ever win a browser election. (If they did win and the NIC was used your client machines wouldn’t be able to communicate to the master browser and create issues in Network Neighborhood.

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