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We want to implement transaction logging on our Domino 6.5.2 server. We are concerned, however, about what happens when a user manually compacts their mail database from the database properties dialog box. Documentation suggests that "... using the compact command with options ..." causes Domino to "... reconstruct the database in such a way that old tranaction log records are no longer valid." When a user manually compacts their mail database, does it use options, and if so, how do we prevent users from doing this?

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One solution could be to give the users designer acces to there mailfile.

I am not sure but perhaps a policy document

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  • Aclark
    In R6 you can drop the access to Editor even (we don't want people redesigning their mail file then complaining it doesn't work - too much support). You'll need to be doing a full selective backup regularly still (maybe weekly) - we do a "compact -S 5 -B" to recover the free space just before the full backup runs then the user isn't likely to need to compact their own mail file.
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  • Andreibostan
    I am sorry to say, but when transactional logging is enabled, user compact does not work anymore. Also, the standard compact doesn't work either. You don't receive an error, but you will notice that the recovered space is allway 0%. The only way to overcome this problem, is to implement a good backup strategy. Let me give you an example: You use Program Documents to make compact run daily with the following options: -c -S 50 (this means that the server will not compact db that have less then 50% free space). As you may know, -c or -B changes the DBIID, and that db requires a full backup afterwards. You then create a Program Document to run compact once a week with -c -S 90, this way making sure that most databases will be compacted. Regarding the backup software, if you use tivoli, networker or any other software, you must use a module designed to make online backups for Domino. You then make weekly full backups and daily incrementals, this way each day you backup the transactional logs and the backups that got their DBIID changed and once a week you get everything including the transactional logs. Remember to setup the trasactional logging to Archive mode, otherwise the backup utility will not do incremental backups. Best Regards, Andrei Bostan
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