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Is Xeon 2.4 / 2GB is good enough for 1300 users ? Don't care the HDD size. Your advise would be very appreciated. Thanks !

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My first impulse would be to say yes but more accurate would be to say “it depends.”

What are you doing? If you run some kind of Domino applications aside from mail then the answer would depend on what those applications do. If this is just mail files then probably yes, though you should care about disk size because corporate policy will determine how much disk space you need. Size limits on mail files? Age limits on mail in the files? Attachment size limits? People are packrats and will keep 5 year old mail, “just in case,” unless there are specific policies in place. You also may want to consider the possibility of having 2 CPUs in the server. You don’t say what brand of server this is, what version of Domino or what OS you want to run and all of those should have some weight on sizing. I can point you to the following URL, which talks about how to size an IBM xSeries server with Domino 6.5 –,293857,sid4_gci1006626,00.html

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  • BF1942
    here's my 2 cents: You should definately care about mail file sizes. Larger mail files require more system resources to maintain ( CPU, RAM, Disk I/O): The view indexes are larger, and have more information to update on demand. Full text indexing can chew up alot of CPU cycles especially when users have 4GB of mail, and want attachments indexed as well. Larger indexes requre more RAM when updating. Nightly maintenance time increases because nightly (by default at 1am) the server rebuilds database views, runs compaction(s), performs archiving, and many other tasks. Add on top of that the capability of running a web server and Domino-off Line access all for your e-mail service, and the box is doing alot. - oh, and transaction logging ( i wouldn't support a production box w/out it) In order to maximize you investment, use the tools that domino supplies: Mail file limits & warnings, Policies & Archival tools. - Definately Archive mail, even if it's on the same physical box. If your really hard core, you can run scripts to 'simulate' workload to test a servers performance.
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  • Seventeenli
    Hi All, Thank for your response. Mainly, this is a mail server which serve around 1000 users. The mail quota for each one is around 100MB and total is close to 100G. Just a few user are enabled the FT. In fact, we're facing a slow responing issue when all user access the server at peak hour (start to work) and normal in another time.
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