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Is there a way after an employee has left and their profile & mail account have been deleted to collect all mail sent to them into your domain. Then to reply & forward these mails? Remember, their profile, person doc & mail account are deleted. An idea I have is to set up a new profile called Leavers and a new mail account called LeaversMail.nsf. Then as people leave mail them owners of this account. Is is possible to have multi people owning one account?

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Once you delete a user from the Domino directory, the server should stop receiving email for that user. The oly way youhave to view pass email for this user is to restore the mail file if the mail file has been delete.

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  • GrahamPD
    In Domino, under the Configurations and Router/SMTP Basics, we have Address Lookup set to full name. This eliminates the closest match feature (and knocks SPAM way down), but also means that we have to explicitly give the address book entry an email address. Since we have users who need to receive email from two different domains, that presented a problem (mail from both domains hits the domino server, but then you can only have one internet address). After some experimenting, we solved this adding additional email addresses to the username field. If you don't exceed the field limitation for size (I don't know what they are), I bet you could put numerous email addresses for former employees and have Domino route incoming emails to those addresses accordingly.
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  • ZundapMan
    I'm intrigued by the idea of using a string of email aliases on a single "Leavers" Person Document/mail box, but that does use a relatively inefficient approach which may "run out of entries" as time goes by. We used to remove the user's certificate from his/her PNAB entry and point the entry to a common "departed" mail file rather than delete the entry. The old individual mail files could then be deleted/archived and any certificate issued to the terminated employee was no longer able to access the server. A secretary was given access to the common "departed" file and required to monitor traffic and forward it to the appropriate person, or hunt down and kill the subscription which generated it. If you want, you can put/use a "reader name" field on each departed user PNAB entry and make sure the administrator and the server are allowed to see it but no one else. It depends on which version of Domino you are using, I think the newer ones have a reader names field already built in. In any case, employees who don't know a person is gone won't inadvertently send to it, and regular users won't have to wade through "dead" entries when doing address lookups. The benefit of this approach is that mail processing starts up at full speed, whereas the "aliasing" approach has to cache a list from one document which can be slow.
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