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I am new to Lotus Notes and have zero experience with Domino Designer. We have a database which is shared to all Project Managers. The database shows all projects company wide / all data is displayed in various views / by project# / project manager / dept / etc. etc. Currently anyone with access to this database can see all views...specifically each Project Manager can see how other Project Managers are performing on their jobs. This has, as you would expect, created a bit of unwarranted gamesmanship among the Project Managers. I need to limit each Project Manager to only their info while allowing complete access to the Company Owner / Comp Prez. / and so on. I have read the help notes in Designer but would like your assistance to minimize the possibility of error and consumption of time on my part. Thank you in advance for your help!

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This is pretty easy.
To restrict the project managers to see only their data, create “Shared, private on first use” views to subset the info by person. For example, say you have a form called “Project” and a field on the form called “ProjectManager” which is populated with the Notes user name of the PM, make the selection criteria:
SELECT Form = “Project” & (ProjectManager = @Name([CN]; @UserName))
Creating the view as shared, private on first use means that when they first access it, the view gets generated with the selection criteria at that moment and is stored in the person’s desktop file as opposed to the database. So if the person’s Notes user name was Carol Smith the view would be created with criteria:
SELECT Form = “Project” & (ProjectManager = “Carol Smith”)
Why does it need to be stored on the user’s PC? Because if it was stored in the db every user acessing it after Carol Smith would just see her project details! Which explains why if Carol gets married and her Notes id changes to Carol Brown, the private view won’t change on her PC and will continue to show only the Carol Smith details. The trick in this case is to simply get the user to delete their private view. No problems because it will then get regenerated the next time they access the view.

Now for your higher level managers create normal views with broader selection criteria:
SELECT Form = “Project”
but restrict access to these specific people. You can do this in the security tab of View properties. By default view access is open to “all readers and above”. Untick this box and select the individuals either from the db ACL or select from the address book.

These techniques are the simplest ways to handle view security. If you want to get into more detailed security at a document level then you will need to consider creating Reader and Author fields. However, this can get quite complicated and requires careful thought in developing the form. You would need to skill up a bit in Domino development before getting into these areas of security I feel.

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