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I have deleted the USERID file from the Domino Address book due to the user changed the password and previous administrator forgot the password. However i can find the UserID file in the user PC and could setup the Lotus Client succesfully How can i paste the UserID file into domino address book which i have deleted ? Someone pls advice ....

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From my experience it is impossible to do that. and it is not a best practice also.

**ADDED 02/03/09***
Agreed, probably not a best practice but, you could create a person record manually, add all the pertinent information. Then open the user ID and copy the keys, I believe you can paste them as well, so you could fill out the necessary information this way. May not work though, never tried it myself.
If you have your ID file on another machine you can copy it (depending on the version of Lotus) if Lotus 7.0 and 8.0 you can paste it in data folder i.e. C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\data and just restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Added 2/4/2009 by David Killingsworth
It is not possible, but you should not want to put the ID file back to the Directory anyway.

As a security best practice, it is not recommended to keep ID files in the Directory..

If you want backups of the ID files, and an easier way to reset passwords, look at setting up the Recovery Database
in the administration help. Essentially, you need to set recovery information in your certificates using the admin client.
You must also setup a mail-in database. All of your clients must be 6.0 or 6.5 (don’t remember which). What will happen
is that the client will automatically mail backup copies of their ID files to the mail-in database.

The administrators that are specified in the recovery information of the certificates can “extract recovery password” from
the ID files in the Recovery Database.

I believe this is really what you want to setup to achieve your goals.

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