Does Visual Studio conflict with RDP?

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I'm supporting a user who's had an ongoing problem using RDP. He uses a laptop at times to connect via RDP to his work desktop (after VPN'ing into the corp network). Every once and awhile, he'll have a problem connecting to his desktop via RDP. Basically, once he gets on the network, he can open an RDP session and find his machine, then attempt to login to his machine. RDP will just hang at the login screen, and eventually just disconnects itself with no warning or error messages. I've tried duplicating the problem on different machines, but the only people who seem to have the problem are ones who are extensively using Visual Studio. Does anyone know if VS (which is a resource pig) somehow conflicts with RDP? And if so, are there any fixes for this? I asked him this morning to try opening an RDP session using mstsc /console ; he'll let me know if that works. Thanks, Lordhowe

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I RDP into a machine with Visual Studio running on it pretty much daily without issue.

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  • mshen
    It is not likely that Visual Studio is interfering. You should look into VPN connectivity and what they are doing at the time that they disconnect. Once they are disconnected, are they still connected to the VPN and able to ping to other network resources? Is RDP the only issue?
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  • Lordhowe
    Yes, their VPN is still active and they are still able to connect to other resources on the network; it's just their machine that they can't get connected to. RDP therefore is the only issue.
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  • PCJunkie
    Have you checked the Event logs on both PC's? Where is the person when he is attempting to connect to his VS machine via RDP? Does he have any firewall client installed other then WFC? Are you connecting RDP via NetBios or IP Address?
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  • 123s
    I do not know the cause of the problem. But there is a workaround. For this work around to work, the remote machine should already have TightVNC installed. WIth VNC pre-requisite, if one ever encounters the problem of RD eventually disconnecting, then use VNC client to connect to the remote machine, unlock the remote computer if the remote computer is locked, close all the applications. Close VNC and then use remote desktop to login. Since all the applications are closed, now the remote desktop connection will be successful.
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