Does Symantec backup exec11d supports IBM LTO-3 ?

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Backup to Tape
IBM Ultrium 3580
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Symantec Backup Exec 11D
I would like to get some inputs regarding backup of files into IBM LTO-3 Ultrium tape(type: 3580-L33) using symantec backup exec 11d on a Win 2003 Server? I'm experiencing problems while backup, i dont know symantec supports the above mentioned tape drive or not? Please advise me, or giv me tutorials on how to fix it..awaiting your responses asap.

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LTO 3 is an open format, and as far as I know, backup exec supports it. I would start with a call to Symantec to see if you have any configuration problems- aside from this general advice, I would need more detailed information about what’s going wrong. Is your server seeing the drive? Are you up to date with the drivers and software levels?

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  • CyberStorage
    Your drive should be supported. I've done a lot of troubleshooting with Backup Exec. Start with the basics first: 1. Download the latest patches for Backup Exec. 2. Download the latest device drivers for Backup Exec. 3. Assuming it's a SCSI tape drive, make sure you use a dedicated SCSI card (Not a RAID controller) or at least don't have any hard drives on the same SCSI bus with the tape drive. 4. Disable the Removable Storage Service in Windows. If that doesn't work out, check out Symantec's checklist here: Hope this helps!
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  • Pressler2904
    Further to what CyberStorage says regarding the HBA (Host Bus Adapter): In addition to utilizing a dedicated SCSI card (not a RAID card), make sure the individual channels on the card are set to the proper speed... If your tape device is, for example rated for 80MB/s burst throughput, you want to set the appropriate HBA SCSI channel accordingly - if the card is rated at 320MB/s or 160MB/s throughput (as most server grade cards are these days), you will be flooding the channel if the card is allowed to communicate at the default (ie: fastest) rate. When booting your system, you will see the HBA BIOS dialog appear, and it will state something along the lines of "Press Ctrl + A to enter SCSI Utilities" (for Adaptec cards...). When in the utility, there is a portion where you can see a listing of each channel (usually 8 or 16) and what the maximum speed is. Set the speed of the appropriate SCSI ID (the ID assigned to the tape drive) to the next SLOWEST or the SAME speed as your device. For example, if your tape drive is rated to 50MB/s burst throughput, don't set the card at 80MB/s: set it at 40MB/s. Many (ie: most) SCSI backup device communication issues are resolved by this method. NOTE: If using a disk based tape emulation library, check with the manufacturer if the disk subsystem OR the emulated tape subsystem throughput figure applies...
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