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One of the desktop system shows CPU utilization 100%,It has installed with fabric editor application,this application used for transfer designs to weaving machines through network.If i close this application CPU utilization will come down to 1%.IT has installed with 256 MB memory If i add memory will it be solved?.What happens if CPU utilization always be 100%.What is threshold level for cpu utilization.

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Memory is relatively cheap these days. I have a Dell laptop that is about 2.5 years old and can get 1GB RAM for about $30. It is always a good idea to populate a machine with as much RAM as you can afford. There could be reasons other than RAM why this application performs poorly but that is something you will likely need to discuss with the application vendor or on one of their support forums. There may be patches/fixes/updates that could take care of the issues you are seeing. I would definitely do the RAM upgrade as 256MB is very low these days when 2GB is about the standard. Then I would check on updates for the application. You might also consider running the application on a faster processor if this is an older machine with a slower processor.

If it is a design software running on this machine, 256 MB of memory is totally insufficient. Increase RAM to 1 GB atleast and preferably go for a good graphics card. Then CPU choking will automatically go off.

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  • Schmidtw
    There are a few things you can do in this circumstance: First, I would definately upgrade your RAM (be sure to buy compatible RAM; Kingston ( has a nice compatibility checker and plenty of reasonable RAM. Second, I would check into increasing your page file size. Page file is hard disk space effectively used as RAM, especially when all of the RAM is being used.. You can change page file size by right clicking 'My Computer' in the Start menu or on your Desktop, clicking properties. Go to the Advanced Tab. Click the 'Settings' button under 'Performance.' Go to the Advanced tab. Under Virtual Memory, click Change. Now put the radio button in Custom Size and choose a range. (Try to make sure you have PLENTY of room for this!) Third, I would check for other processes activity during the exectuion of the program in question, as many often work together.
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  • Bobkberg
    To add a key point or two... - Make sure that the paging file is not fragmented - go to (now part of MS Technet) and get their pagedefrag utility. This is peripheral to your original question, I just brought it up because Schmidtw mentioned the subject. . - You did not specify where the CPU was spending its time. Open the Task manager and go to the Processes tab. Then click on the CPU column header once or twice to get all processes listed by CPU utilization. As LabNuke has already pointed out, there may be patches available. The other reasons are that the application may have more than one process, and this will allow you to see which one it is. Alternately, there may be some sort of interaction going on where something in your application is making some OTHER process go hog wild.. Good luck, Bob
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  • Robert Stewart
    I will state the obvious, most applications are written with a certain number of requirements that must be met, does your machine meet the minimum requirements to run this software, I would contact the software vendor and see if your machine is up to specs for this application.
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  • Coolmech
    CPU utilization has direct effect on the amount of RAM and more importantly the clock speed of the installed RAM module. Improving the clock speed of the CPU (by upgrading or overclocking) will enchance the application performance. The 100% utilization of CPU refers to the processor running at its peak level and performance would be slow.
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