Does anybody use FORMPLUS/400…kindly help me

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I have a problem with FORMPLUS/400 tool. the OUTQ's often stuck and I used to release it with using FPMAIN option 10. I used to reset the OUTQ's using 7(end) and start with(6). But some times it won't work. The OUTQ needs to reset every time to print the forms. I don't have any documentation for this software. Kindly help me on this. Thanks GK

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Hello Tom,
Here is an example
Queue                 Library            Files      Writer                 Status
BAKERSFLD      QGPL                0      BAKERSFLD       RLS  
BAKERSFLDQ     QGPL              3                                    RLS  
The spools will stuck into outq BAKERSFLDQ, 
To release the prints from BAKERSFLDQ 
in Formplus menu select option 10.
FPMAIN + 10. Work with Outque Sentry.
Then to reset the sentry 7 is for end and 6 is for restart(Outq + Jobq details need to give).
Then the spools will go to BAKERSFLD outq for print.
I used to do this when i get problem. Once I reset this in form plus it automatically prints continuously.
But now a days the prits are get stuck into outq every time when user print, i am releasing those with users request every time.
Hope this information will help you to understand my problem.

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  • TomLiotta
    What is meant by "stuck"? Is there a status? Please describe what actually happens and what you see when you try to research. -- Tom
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  • TomLiotta
    I barely remember hearing about FormPlus/400 from many years ago. It seems surprising that anyone still uses it today. I thought it was replaced 10 or 15 years ago.   Can you explain what you're showing us? It looks like two outqs. One has an active writer; the other does not. Is this the normal, expected display? Or should there be a writer assigned to both outqs? Does the reset procedure start a new writer that would show on this page? If it does start a writer, does the writer end after successful printing one spooled file? What does the writer joblog show?   Tom
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  • venkatktata
    Hi Tom, We have logged a call with IBM, They helped us to resolve this printer issues. We updated our form plus firmware, Then our problem got resolved. Thanks for your help. With Regards, Venkata Krishna
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