Does Active Directory on Windows server 2008 still require DNS?

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Does AD on Windows 2008 require DNS still? If not what can we use in its place?

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AD absolutely still require DNS. It does not have to be on the same machine as a domain controller but it does need a DNS system to talk to.

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  • saturno
    DNS *is a core service* in every network. Every version of AD need DNS on the network.
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  • James Murray
    I remember coming out of the Novel IPX/SPX world and venturing into the NT 4.0 world only to discover TCP/IP. Microsoft developed it's systems to utilize the TCP/IP protocols. Before Windows systems communicated across routers they used WINs to identify NetBios systems on the network. Today WINS is still a part of 2008 as well for backward compatibility. I find that the school systems have software vendors that still use WINS to communicate. My understanding is that the margin on these softwares make it easier to sell them without any changes over the last ten years. I thought WINS would go away but now 2008 has introduced GlobalNames Zones (GNZ) This is system meant for complext environments with multiple or complex DNS suffixes that might say point to various local online services to resolve with a single phrase like Intranet. I think that with each version Microsoft seems to customize thier version of DNS, but Microsoft is really not in the business of re-inventing wheels it can't resell. I suspect that whatever DNS suffix resolution strategy TCP/IP standards dictate will be what Microsoft uses in the future.
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  • Solaries
    actualy if we install ad , we will get additional service which is know as DNS which is used for name resolution to ipadd purpose. where ad contains information of users and computers. So Whatever the server version DNS is reqiured complusry
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