Do you worry about your network’s security with remote users or outsourcing?

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If you have users who work remotely or outsource certain parts of your organization where network security might not be as highly regulated, is network security a particular point of concern for you? What are some of the measures you and your partners have in place to secure your network at all points?

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Based on what I’m seeing, this should be a concern…especially from a malware and unprotected wireless PC perspective. There’s the whole issue with mobile device security as well.

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  • CharlieBrowne
    We have developers that work remotely. They must use a company provided PC to get in and everyone has a must come in through the VPN
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  • Pressler2904
    We are in the process of deploying our first truly mobile access solution in a small (150 node) network. As HIPAA is a primary concern here, there are major concerns with remote security. Although in (most? many?) organizations the use of a third party client (host - based) firewall is a requirement for anyone attempting to connect remotely, whether assigned by or installed by IT or chosen by the end user from a list of acceptable alternatives (and verified prior to the establishment of a RAS or VPN connection) the mindset here is truly (ease of use" oriented, disallowing all but the most rudimentary firewall (i.e.: Windows Firewall) As a result, the use of a best practices design has allowed for some (so far) minor security incidents, but as the new process and procedures become more widespread in our organization, the threat profile is sure to increase. The use of a company provided and configured device is part of our policies and procedures, but only recently so and there are several clients who have been and continue to use what amount to rogue devices to access our network. As I'm not the one who calls the shots, only the one who cleans up the messes left behind, the situation is quite frustrating... Keeps me busy (read: employed)...
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